• 20.11.2015 Manus 245 5


    Service release to fix some bugs and add a debug feature for better error finding.


    • Added Debug Logging. So, if you Tb crashes, e.g. on the startup, add -debug to the start properties.…
  • 01.11.2015 Manus 1238 16

    Flan's Mod 5.1

    "The Flan's Mod 5.1 update is out! It features a ton of new content from the team with new tanks, updated models for existing content and loads of config tweaks. There's also a brand new gun box menu…
  • Default Image
    31.10.2015 16:17

    Flan 5.1 teaser

    Manus 375 5
    Hey guys it's ww2destroyer! Here is the teaser trailer for the 5.1 release coming today!…
  • 30.10.2015 21:08

    Koenigsegg Pack

    Santioni_Automobili 937 8
    HI it's maybe my first post on this forum and the first time you see me , btw this is my…
  • 30.10.2015 14:12


    Manus 174 3
    Due to a Module/Database Error which was only shown when not logged in, the page was…
  • 12.10.2015 16:51

    Machetemen Content Pack 1.0

    TaskForce51 1375 9
    Hey guys, Machetemen Content Pack 1.0 is finally out! It contains 65 weapons, ranging…
  • 24.09.2015 14:58

    Update of the Tutorial Section

    Manus 917 5
    Currently i work on new tutorials to make the modelling easier and to make the live of…
  • 12.09.2015 22:11

    Fleet Pack first release is complete.

    Stalin/LabJac 2939 2

    Fleet Pack first release is complete.

    Kongo class
    Hashidate class
    Yamato class

  • 11.09.2015 05:34

    Mod News

    Manus 2201 12

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. You may have noticed a certain something was left out in our…

  • 05.09.2015 12:50

    Packages and Toolbox release

    Manus 1875 10

    Today i was able finally to finish the work on many stuff. So here is the next batch of…

  • 30.08.2015 14:37


    Manus 3320 12

    Flan posted today:


    "Hello all, I've got something for you that you may enjoy laughing This is…

  • 30.08.2015 12:50


    Manus 465

    Service release to fix some bugs and add a debug feature for better error finding.

  • 29.08.2015 17:56

    Patreon Relaunch

    Manus 1859

    Flan posted today:


    "I'm relaunching my Patreon page, and I'm taking on a couple of…

  • 09.08.2015 12:50


    Manus 1161 8

    After a long time working on other stuff, like this page here, i decided now to release a…

  • 03.08.2015 18:33

    Flan 5.0 released

    Manus 2804 15

    Flan's Mod 5.0 and Flan's Mod: Apocalypse 1.0 are RELEASED!

    You can get them both from…

  • 02.08.2015 19:39

    Uploads / Downloads

    Manus 1713 2

    Since a few day the new Page is in place. And with the new page a lot of new features is…

  • 27.07.2015 17:24

    Page Transferred

    Manus 1150 12

    So, here we are again.
    What happened?

    The site was down because i underestimated the…

  • 24.07.2015 21:28

    Global Firestorm Beta Release v2: Black Thunder

    Manus 2595 9

    After a few things I decided to fix a lotta things that i had wrong, i Finally got the…

  • 24.07.2015 16:34

    New Page

    Manus 870 6

    If the final tests of data transfer are ok, then i'll close down this site here this…

  • 24.07.2015 16:10

    Greylight Update 1.4.1

    Prototype 1710 5

    And so it has arrived, this time on a deadline. This update fills in what I've missed…

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