• 28.07.2017 Manus 1677 6


    Due to some issues with the page i had to make some maintenance on the page

    Fixed Stuff:
    - Forum Template is now up to date. Please report if some CSS style are unreadable.
    - Fixed the now working menu…
  • 23.07.2017 Manus 1795 7


    I was informed today, that a one guy has hacked the Toolbox and posted license keys and instructions to use the Toolbox with out payment.

    Short statement to this:
    I use to the money from the Toolbox to…
  • 16.06.2017 19:20

    Site Down

    Manus 1739
    Due to a Hacker attack and the infection of the site with a russian spam script my…
  • 05.02.2017 20:23

    Flan's Mod 5.3 released

    Manus 12604 15

    News on Facebook and Patreon:

    "Flan's Mod 5.3 is now released! This includes the all new…

  • 29.01.2017 18:29

    News on Patreon

    Manus 2357
    Flans posted 4 news on Patreon today.

    If want are curious, join patreon, support the mod…
  • 28.01.2017 19:35

    New Paintjobs

    Manus 3854 4
    News on Patreon

    "New Paintjobs!
    As part of the new Rank Update, players will be able to…
  • 27.01.2017 20:05

    It's still alive...

    Manus 3161 5
    News on Patreon today:

    "After a very long hiatus, Flan's Mod is back in development! The…
  • 01.01.2017 20:31

    Happy New Year

    Manus 2353 6

    Celebrate this New Year with lots of fireworks and welcome it with a blast! Enjoy your…
  • 25.12.2016 14:00

    Merry Christmas from the Flan's mod Plus team

    Prototype 6667 15

    Well this is long overdue isn't it?

    We've been working hard on this update for about a…
  • 24.12.2016 19:15

    Marry X-Mas

    Manus 2737 5

    May all the beauty and blessings this Christmas season has to offer be with you and your…
  • 30.10.2016 11:10


    Manus 4096 6

    So, finally after a long time of being busy with other stuff, here is a new version of…

  • 23.10.2016 13:44

    SMP.de Discord server

    Prototype 2840 4


    So for the past few days I have been…
  • 18.08.2016 04:06

    TaskForce51's Official Release (1.7.10)

    TaskForce51 7625 5
    Hey everyone I just want say a little something before you guys get downloading. As all…
  • 28.07.2016 20:32

    Machetemen Arms Pack

    Boulder119 10058 12

    The Machetemen Arms Pack Mid-.45 Part II Update is out! It currently contains 117…

  • 27.06.2016 15:29

    Unexpected Downtime

    Manus 3065 8
    Due to a stupid web provider the Page was again locked on Saturday. 

    Reason for this was…
  • 24.06.2016 13:23


    Manus 2969 4
    Due to a Malware attack on the Backup of the old Page i had to take this site offline for…
  • 21.06.2016 16:02

    Shapebox Editor

    Manus 3656 11
    Here the first preview of the upcoming Shapebox Editor. 
  • 18.06.2016 21:32

    Toolbox 2.3 Feature Preview

    Manus 3758 5
    i started few days ago to include some new features into the toolbox. The next big…
  • 07.06.2016 20:12

    Mod News

    Manus 8916 13

    "Hello folks, PrototypeTheta here, model/code monkey for Flan's mod.

    I've been working…

  • 23.04.2016 13:31


    Manus 5411 5

    Service release to fix some bugs and add some features.


    • Hopefully finally…
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