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"Hello folks, PrototypeTheta here, model/code monkey for Flan's mod.

I've been working on some improvements and features for the last few months for Flan's mod. I've been mainly focusing on improving the mods various vehicles, and I'd like to share with you today my progress on tanks.

Please bear in mind that the majority of these changes are works in progress, and liable to change before any form of final release, so if you have any suggestions please let me know.


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  1. misha

can you add more world war 2 tanks?

  1. Nick Gong


  1. GolddolphinSKB

Damn im ready for you too release this..

  1. Carl


  1. JonathanSG

Hello Prototype ! You're awesome ! I really love what you're doing ! And, excuse me if I already asked you this, but,do these features are planned for FM 5.2, or they are only for FM + ?

  1. war_moner    JonathanSG

Jonathan : Both

  1. Oskar Chronowski

My suggestions:
- drift possibility
- top speed limiter

that's all kek

  1. Prototype    Oskar Chronowski

Well there is a throttle option.

As for drifting. I have some plans for that. No promises, but plans. Working one something bigger at the moment though.

  Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Prototype Prototype
  1. DamagedNASCAR89

Will this stuff be applied to cars as well? The tilting left and right, etc, obviously not the shooting...Because I remember in 1.6.4 when the cars could rock from side to side, and for some reason, it was removed.

  1. Prototype    DamagedNASCAR89

Yep, applies to cars as well. Got some plans to see if I can alter the handling based on what you;'re driving on as well, could make some use for off-roaders and help differentiate between wheeled and tracked stuff even more.

  1. PickUpYaAmmo

how about a speedometer? just askin...

  1. vaishnav sekharan

dude can you make it possible to make it look like seteve is holding the gun and put different positions like one while running one while aiming etc.

  1. vaishnav sekharan

can you also try to make a more realistic shooting mechanism like we have to cock the gun and make the bullet jackets fall of and remain on the floor for some time

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