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Machetemen Arms Pack Mid-.45 Part II Update Released

Machetemen Arms Pack Mid-.45 Part II Update Released
​The Machetemen Arms Pack Mid-.45 Part II Update is out! It currently contains 117 weapons. All  weapons are 3D and have functioning iron sights.DOWNLOAD HERE: adf.ly/1cRTAxThis update to the Machetemen Arms Pack bring attachments, working gunboxes, tons of new guns and another melee weapon. Along with these new additions, there have been many...
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​The Lockheed Martin F/A-70A Panther II 6th Generation Air Superiority Fighter

​After toying around with this idea of this neat aircraft designed by bagera3005, I've finally completed one that truly gives the aircraft justice. I first gave the 70 a shot back in my Techne days and the outcome was fairly lame. Then I tried again last year with introduction of the Toolbox 2.0. It was okay for the time but I still didn't truly li...
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The NEW B-36D!

Well here is the biggest completed model I've made so far, the Convair B-36D "Peacemaker". It's complete with a inside. This is one big plane and well require big runways to operate from. It has a crew of ten that's spread out through the plane. The model has all it's parts working. [img]http://img05.deviantart.net/8db2/i/2016/025/e/5/2016_01_...
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Using other mods with Flan's mod

Hello, i have a question i would like to make my own gun pack sometime, but i want to use steel from other mods (railcraft for example), how do i do that?
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NullWire's +1.8 Smp server

​¡Hello! I dissapear for a long time, but I'm really sorry, I need to add I'm out of making models but I going to make a special server for the entire forum.So, I noticed here a 3 mega-content packs that are essencial for the server but their are not finished yet.. a exception for one.-TDBoy, Mpack-Vini Damiani's, Packs-Derpi Wolf's, Grey Ligh...
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