• Version 2.1.1 changelog.

    - Ariella Striker Model wheel fix
    - Horiztonal view locked for passengers guns (FM+ issue, not normal FM)
    - Fixed Stumbreon MG and Cannon damage to 10 and 40 respectively (hopefully)
    - Ambircon AutoRifle2097 no reload anim fix
    - Chamberlain Uniform armour nerf

    Dev Diary
    7th November

    Greylight: Second Generation

    After much thought, I changed this around to be a four-step solution.

    [Objective A: The Weapon Enrichment Program]

    Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

    [Objective B: Second Generation Initiative]

    Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

    [Objective C: CLASSIFIED]
    Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

    [Objective D: The Other Stuff]
    - Yes yes yes, Flansmod Plus porting will happen. But not until the other three parts are done.
    - Licencing to a Creative Commons Licence might happen. Don't know about that.
    - Need to update front page.

    So yeah. I'm keeping track of these as I go.
    I won't know when I'll be able to finish this. Early 2017 perhaps? Really long time.

    The devblogs will come very rarely as I work slowly through this. I'll be around the forums if anyone needs me though. That said, I am frequently on discord, so you could find a snap of my progress there if you're lucky.

    Until then,


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