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    Hello everyone, I just finished watching the new Netflix series "13 Reasons Why". For those who do not know me, I'm in school and have been studying film for the last year now. I firmly believe that film can be a powerful way to spread important messages. In addition to that belief, I keep meticulous track of what I watched. Up to this point, I have seen well over a thousand films and tv shows. With that said I have no reservations saying that "13 Reasons Why" is the hardest show that I have ever watched. If you know me and know me well you well know that I have adamant feelings towards the inadequate sex education and it's actual effectiveness to stop violence against women. "13 Reasons Why" can take this subject plus the alarming suicide problem among teen’s and much, much more and be able to deliver it to the viewers in it's rawest form. All of these are issues that all across America that we need to sit down and talk about. I believe that this show gives us a starting point to start to talk about these problems. Many people like to write off the show as a show that glorifies sex violence and suicide, but it's not. The show doesn't glorify any of that. Instead, it shows us the devastation that these issues can and well cause. I encourage all of you who are reading this to take a second to think about what you can do to combat these problems. Be the brave ones who stands and tries to find solutions to these problems instead of the thousands of people who only look at the surface of this show and writes it off as being a bad influence. And just maybe we may be able to save one more individual from becoming a victim. #13ReasonsWhy #Yournotalone
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