• A tutorial for manual Build.Gradle editing

    1. Open your Toolbox 2.0, enter Forge Gradle (Package > Forge Gradle)

    2. Open Build.Gradlew (In the Forge Gradle window press Build > Edit Build.Gradlew/Gradlew.Build)

    3. Take a long look at the Build-file, since there is a lot to understand, but I am going to make you do this easily, since you don't need to understand anything, when I tell you what you need to do.

    4. Now, let's find the first task we need, Package tasks. There is a LOT of them.

    5. Copy one of them. Select piece of code and press CTRL + C (Select by holding left mouse-button while you scroll over the text)

    6. Paste at the end of other tasks
    (New one is over the contentPacks task and under the Fun task (That's for my own content pack)

    7. Now you need to edit it to be Your task (PACKNAME means the place where you must write your pack's name or folder's name)

    There you must change the taskname (It's the part after task, I prefer using your own packname, but don't add spaces) It will be reading in the console when you build your contentpack.

    That is your model folder path, but add your folder in the end, it's usually the name of your pack. I prefer checking it.

    That is your Flan's folder path, just add your pack's folder in the end. (You have set the paths in manually when you have done a manual installation, you know where those paths are.)

    That's the name that reads first in your .jar (Built Content Pack), then comes Appendix (Content Pack) and then minecraft version and then Flan's mod version

    (By the names that reads in that Task it would come out as PACKNAME-Content Pack-1.7.10-4.10) I am using 1.7.10, which should not matter in the outcome.

    8. Setting your pack in task contentPacks.
    Scroll in the end of task contentPacks and add dependsOn and then your taskname (The name
    you set after the task.
    Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

    9. Adding your pack in task outputJar.
    Scroll in the end of task outputJar and add exclude '**/Your pack's name/' in the end

    This should be all you need to do.

    Remember to save changes!

    10. Build your pack.

    You can find your content pack in Toolbox 2.0\Forge\build\output\Flan

    I have made this tutorial but forgot to post it, I chose to post it here for your help. I will probably repost this same tutorial on its own thread later, removing it from here, but for now you can look at this here. I hope this helps even a bit :D This is quite old. I think I created this for someone and then there was problems with the forum.
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