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    Whenever I try to open a weapons box on FM+ the games crashes.
    The crash is rendering screen.

    Only the Japanese weapons box works.

    Content Packs are the ones packaged in FM+ but just in case the packs are:

    British Military Pack V1.14
    Mecha Parts-Content Pack-1.7.10-4.8.0
    Modern Warfare-Content Pack-1.8-5.1.1
    Simple Parts-Content Pack-1.7.10-4.8.0
    Titan-Content Pack-1.8-5.0
    WW2-Content Pack-1.8-5.1.1

    Please don't say it is because they are different versions unless you know it for a FACT. I am just using the ones that came with the download in the zipped folder. It should've worked since it was from what I downloaded. So don't be that person and say that. Thank you.

    Crash Log:
    Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]
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