• So, I've made some progress. I've finished the Artillery crew uniform I've also worked on one gun or should I say 6 guns? I've created the Miniè rifle that was used by Japan and I've made a carbine for it. But I've also made the French and the Prussian version of the rifle, with carbine variants as well. I've not yet finished the texture, I will do that later this week and then I'll post them. I'm also working on the 1863 S&W Army No 2. and a katana for the Uniforms but I'm not satisfied with the curve of the blade so I got to reforge it and created it with a less tall blade... Steve's legs are short XD.

    This is the uniform that the Chõshū used for some their artillery crew, It looks like it that the Tosa and Satsuma had roughly the same uniform.
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