What licence apply to this packages?

All models and packages are covered by international copyright laws. In general they are free to use on your server for free. If you recive the package as a part of a collection and you payed for it, then you where screewed.

Can you update the package from model builder X to version Y?

No, we can't. Only the model builder can update his package because only he has the necessary files to do this. Yes, we could decompile the models but no, we will not break the law for you.

Can you build missiles?

Yes, we can build models of missles, but they will not act like missles. They will fire like guns only with missle models.

If i try to place a plane/vehicle the game crashes and the following error message is shown: java.lang.NullPointerException at co.uk.flansmods.common.EntityVehicle.func_70071_h_(EntityVehicle.java:731)

The packages on this site have certain dependencies. Like Flans packages require his Part Package, Manus's and Stan's Packages are requiring the Minecarft-SMP Part Package.

What are the Stars in the Profile for?

They are used for Show your "Top Poster" Rank, so You can See who posted the most.

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