7 yearss ago
What are the Stars in the Profile for?


They are used for Show your "Top Poster" Rank, so You can See who posted the most.

7 yearss ago
MC says "TurboModelThingy isn't installed" and it crashes.


Flan's Flying Mod doesn't require TMT anymore. Only versions before 1.4.6 require TMT. If you got this message in 1.4.6 or higher, then you have one of the following problems:

  • You use a model package which requires an other package to run, e.g. a part package. You have to install these package as well. (Manus Packages require the Minecraft-SMP Part Package)
  • You use a model package with a older/newer version of Flans Mod. The packages need a specific version of the mod (see Point 5d).
  • You use a model package which was compiled with a new/older version of forge
  • You use a model package designed for 1.2.5. Delete this package.
  • You use a model package which is not proper build

Note: This Error Message was removed in 1.6.2 and replaced by a more specific message.


7 yearss ago
Is this a Standalone Mod?


No, thes are just Content packs for Flans Mod see the Mod thread here http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/182918-125flans-mod-rewritten-and-now-totally-awesome/

7 yearss ago
Why is the package not working with a newer/older version of flans mod?


Every version of the packages are build for a specific version of the mod and a specific version of Minecraft, also Forge is a factor. Therefore not all packages can operate with all mod versions.

  • Package version 1.5.2a -> Minecraft 1.5.2 -> Flans Mod 2.3.1
  • Package version 1.5.2b -> Minecraft 1.5.2 -> Flans Mod 2.3.2
  • Package version 1.6.2a -> Minecraft 1.6.2 -> Flans Mod 2.4.1


7 yearss ago
If i try to place a plane/vehicle the game crashes and the following error message is shown: java.lang.NullPointerException at co.uk.flansmods.common.EntityVehicle.func_70071_h_(EntityVehicle.java:731)


The packages on this site have certain dependencies. Like Flans packages require his Part Package, Manus's and Stan's Packages are requiring the Minecarft-SMP Part Package.

7 yearss ago
I have the following error XXX


Check the forum before posting the error. Normally you will notice, that it is a mod error. These error have to be reported to Flan in his Thread on the MC Forum. We can't fix them.

7 yearss ago
Some of my machine guns won't shoot and I have the ammo in my hand.


You have to PLACE the machine gun on a block, then it will automatically load. These are also the MGs used as Weapons in Planes.

7 yearss ago
My plane won't fly.


Planes require fuel in survival. Press "R" then place some in the fuel slot.

7 yearss ago
My Planes doesnt shoot, why?


You need to craft them with guns, only then its working. If you pick a plane from the inventory in creative, then it is created without guns.

7 yearss ago
I can't get into the big Planes


Click on the shadow at the point where you placed the plane. The drivers / pilots position is not located at the seat, it's located at models 0 point, which is also the planes turning point. If we would place this point at the pilots seat, the flying ad turning behaivior would become very wired.

7 yearss ago
I fall out of the plane.


Its a known mod problem. We can't fix it, Flan has to do this.

7 yearss ago
Can you make me a Model of XXX and give it to me, so I can use it for my Pack?


No. We wont, because if you want Models for your own Pack only, do them yourself.

7 yearss ago
Can you code me my Model of XXX?


We wont code your Model, use the tutorials and the Minecraft-SMP Toolbox.

7 yearss ago
Can i use you model for my package?


You have to ask for permission before you start with your package. Normally the permission will be granted if you ask polide. Don't use model without permission, sooner or later someone will notice.

7 yearss ago
Can you build me a Model of XXX


 No, we will not build you a model of XXX. Maybe we will, but there are sooo many requests, we can not build them all. But hey, there are loots of tutorials here on this page so feel free to do so on your own. The comunity will help you.

7 yearss ago
Can you change the flying to helo style?


No, only Flan can change this.

7 yearss ago
Can you build missiles?


Yes, we can build models of missles, but they will not act like missles. They will fire like guns only with missle models.

7 yearss ago
Can you build a boats and ships?


Yes, we can build ships and boat models but they will not swim. They will akt as all of flans models, they will sink to the ground.

7 yearss ago
Can you update the package from model builder X to version Y?


No, we can't. Only the model builder can update his package because only he has the necessary files to do this. Yes, we could decompile the models but no, we will not break the law for you.

7 yearss ago
What licence apply to this packages?


All models and packages are covered by international copyright laws. In general they are free to use on your server for free. If you recive the package as a part of a collection and you payed for it, then you where screewed.

7 yearss ago
Where can i find the crash report?


If Minecraft crashes,even without a error message, a crash report is automatically generated. It can be found in

Your path to Minecarft\.minecraft\crash-reports\

The file is name with date, time and client/server, e.g. crash-2013-10-15_19.22.05-client.txt

7 yearss ago
I have a found a bug and need help. What is required to get help?


To get help we need a few details about the bug:

  • Please give an exact error description, a description such as "it does not work" didn't helps us to solve the problem.
  • Where did the error occur?
  • When did the error occur?
  • Did you get an error message? If yes, which ones?

The following Information must be included in the help request:

  • Minecraft Version No. (e.g. 1.6.4)
  • Forge Version No. (e.g. 965)
  • Flans Mod Version No. (e.g. 4.1.1)
  • Package Name and Version (e.g. Manus WW2 Package 1.6.4c for Flans Mod 4.1)

A crash reportog or a development console log should also be part of your posting.

7 yearss ago
Where can i get a development console log?


1. Open your mc launcher.

2. Press "Edit Profil" in the lower left coner.

3. The Profile Editor will open.

4. Add a hook in the box Launcher Visibility.

5. Change the drop down menu to "Keep the launcher open".

6. Press "Save Profile" to save the changes.

7. You will return to the main menu after saving, press "Play" to launch the game.

8. The game will launch normal, except that the launcher is not closing. Enter your game and reproduce the error.

9. After doing this, press the "Development Console" tab at your launcher.

10. You will see the log file about all actions that where happening while you are playing. Lines with [INFO] [STDERR] containing error messages.

11. Right click into the text with your mouse and select "Copy all Text"

12. Paste this text into your posting.

13. Optional: Undo the changes in the launcher to the original settings

7 yearss ago
What can i do for troubleshooting?


There are some actions you can do before reporting an error. Most times errors come from old mods/packages and outdated stuff. Actions:

  • Update your java. Outdated version often have security issues and may cause errors. Update it from http://www.java.com/en/download/chrome.jsp.
  • Check required Forge version and update it if necessary. Flans Mod 4.0 requires at least Forge 916. Download it from http://files.minecraftforge.net/. Make sure you use the latest recommended Version!
  • Clean up your Minecraft. Make sure only ONE version of each package is in the Flans folder. More then one will cause errors.
  • Delete ALL versions of Flans Mod in the Mods folder and re-download it from Flans Page (http://www.flansmod.com/). Use no other source, they may contain old versions. Make sure you use the latest Version!
  • Delete ALL Manus packages and re-download them from Minecraft-SMP Homepage Page (http://www.minecraft-smp.de/). Use no other source, they may contain old versions. Make sure you use the latest Version!
  • Check for dependency's. Most packages require a part package to run. All Flan packages require the Simple Part Package, all Manus Packages require the Minecraft-SMP Parts Package.
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