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How to report a Bug

4 years 9 months ago #41096 by Manus
How to report a Bug was created by Manus
In order to help the Toolbox to get better and grow, please report your bug. Please check the Bug forum on similar errors before posting to avoid double work. Please check the forum on a newer version then yours. Maybe the bug is already fixed.

To help me in finding the error i require few information. So, if you want to report a bug fill this small form.

1. Toolbox Version Number (e.g. Toolbox 2.0 beta 1.0.0):

2. Module with Bug (e.g. Model Builder):

3. Crash Report by Windows (If Toolbox has crashed a small window will appear, copy the text from this window):

4. What have you done when the Toolbox crashes?

5. Could you reproduce the error?

6. Do you have any Files that are involved? Please add them as attachment to you posting or send them as PM. (e.g. Models, Save files)

7. Are other Modules also having Problems or is this error only inflicting one module?
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