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1.8 vs 1.7.10 Flans


Poll: Do you use 1.7.10 Flans Mod Or 1.8 Flans Mod?

I usually use 1.7.10
23 88.5%
I usually use 1.8
3 11.5%
Total number of voters: 26 ( Atom991, HeinrichWolff, war_monger, vini_damiani, Dr_prof_Luigi ) See more
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4 years 8 months ago #75706 by NfsFan199
Replied by NfsFan199 on topic 1.8 vs 1.7.10 Flans

Kikkoceccato wrote:

NfsFan199 wrote:

Prototype wrote:

NfsFan199 wrote: ...annny way...does anyone in the Flan's mod team is working on Flan's mod 1.8.9? 'cause i'm STILL Waiting for it :)!

I'd stop waiting, it's not happening. We're most likely going to have to skip ahead to 1.10 and that isn't going to happen for a long time.

you'll know how hard a gun related mod would be suck when the gun's in it shoots like bow or sounded like the Bullet was come right outta an dispenser,annnd halocraft is the mod in this case,and do you know the sad part about it is? i'll give you a hint;HALOCRAFT IS THE ONLY GUN MOD(That i know of) FOR 1.8.9! and i HAVE to live with it when i play my 1.8.9 Client with pixelmon and some other mods...but an special version of 1.8 flan's mod that universally useable throughout 1.8 to 1.8.9 would help... ...but in the end of the day,it's just TOO Soon for me to just skip ahead to 1.10...

Sir, WHY THE HECK DO YOU KEEP BOTHERING WITH THIS 1.8.9 HARASSMENT? It is really unlikely that any other Flan's Mod developer would be interested in making a 1.8.9 version since 1.8 version already exists and NOBODY IS COMPLAINING ABOUT IT (I sincerely do not understand how 1.8.9 would be better than 1.8 )
So, keep in mind that YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE in this forum who is requesting that a 1.8.9 Flan's Mod version was coded, and I think it would not be correct if developers had to waste precious time and resources to satisfy the request of ONE person. What about you find the way of putting that Halocraft mod in 1.8?
Sincerely, Kikkoceccato

fine,i'll drop the whole Flan's mod for 1.8.9 and just skipping to 1.10,knowing most of my 1.8.9 mods don't have a version for 1.10 yet....and i just find the halocraft for 1.8.9 online(using Bing,to be exact),and i just find it,downloaded it,and getting the HaloCraft 2.0 in to my 1.8.9 Client
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