× Package only with new Guns including new Models for the Guns but no Planes or Vehicles

Testers Pack (Update 2.0)

4 years 6 months ago #77188 by testeroftanks
Well my friends, it has been a while, so it is time for Tester's pack 2.0!
changes include:
IS-3 Infantry Support
IS-3 Artillery
IS-3 Anti Air
Leopard 1a1
PPSH 1941
sekrit illuminati anti tank rifle
FW 190 D9
1740 Potzdam musket
G98 by Berggeit
Maxim MG08 By berggeit
luger by berggeit
stg 45 by berggeit
updated RPK model
Updated RPG model
german Bayonet by berggeit

and other changes

Download Link --> www.dropbox.com/s/11h5mxv1u6s9zzn/Tester...7.10-4.10.0.jar?dl=0
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4 years 5 months ago #77575 by testeroftanks
fancy proto magic

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