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Flans Mod Shields Help

3 years 1 month ago #68760 by Spoonikle
I have been working on my Stargate weapons pack and was attempting to implement a ballistic shield.

I am currently testing with flans mod 4.10 and am using a skeleton to fire arrows at me -

While I use the zombie pack riot shield I still take full damage, do the ballistic shields not prevent vanilla arrow damage? Or are they broken in 4.10?

I also tried giving a zombie a riot shield and shooting it with a P90, the zombie died in 3 shots - which is typical for a zombie being shot with a P90 without a shield.
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3 years 1 month ago #68764 by Loggerc4
Replied by Loggerc4 on topic Flans Mod Shields Help
Vanilla items like arrows, snowballs, etc ignore shield protection. The shield only blocks projectiles and melded from flansmod. And vanilla zombies and skeletons don't follow shield behavior. (Shield is just a hitbox with a model, stops flan projectiles set to not go through entities)
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