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[1.7.10] Greylight Content Pack (Version 2.1)

7 years 8 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #42483 by DerpiWolf
Made a Mains' Thread, just to make it easier for myself in posting updates on my models and such.
(Any other packs I might do down the track will be tabbed and done here too.)

Greylight Content Pack 2.1
Download links below.

Version 2.1: The Vehicle Expansion Update.
Warning: Spoiler!

Mediafire link: 1.7.10
Direct link: 1.7.10

Mediafire link for 1.8 (works for flansmod 5.0)
Direct link: 1.8

Installation Instructions:
Download flansmod and forge as required, here: flansmod.com/
Install and run the game once. This will create a Flan folder in the .minecraft section.
Download, unzip Greylight pack, and install only the .jar file in the flan folder.

Install flansmod and forge build 1474 or higher.
Unzip pack and install only the .jar file in the flan folder.

Need a Recipe Guide? Click here! Greylight Recipe Guide v2.1

Warning: Spoiler!

History Log
Warning: Spoiler!

SkyMare Corporation
"Founded by a young battle-hardened Pegasus 35 years ago, SkyMare holds a strong record of battles and wars, having lost few. So little in fact, that more damage has been inflicted on them due to bad weather than a warzone. SMC’s main proficiency is in air combat, being that nearly 90 percent of its’ troops can fly.

SMC stands as the most progressive of all other Private Militaries in the Lupine Union, using a mixture of enchanted equipment and Laser technology. Shock Firearms are commonsight with Skymares."

Warning: Spoiler!

Ambircon Technologies
One of the oldest-standing Companies in the Lupine Union, Ambircon tends to create quality firearms built from the Cognitum Era. An exquisite production of wood, steampipe metal and brass, Ambircon firearms are visually appealing and also intimidating to see on the battlefield.

Ambircon makes collections of various weapons mixed with modern-day components. From Poison-Dipped musketrifles to steam powered miniguns, it’s a wonder how Ambircon can experiment with firearms and still make something effective.

Warning: Spoiler!

Lupine Military
Comprised of only wolves - or better known as Lupines - the Lupine Military defends the Socialistic freedom of the Lupine Union. Having such a massive task of defending a large territory that the Union controls, it has won some and lost some. However, what it can't make up in its own firepower, it makes up in friendship with most of the Private Militaries that it provides it's resources to, even if some of them greatly oppose its’ ideologies such as SkyMare Corporation.

The Lupine Military uses weaponry considered the Standard and the most common of firearms. These were made in mass production for being easy to maintain, easy to design and were based on blueprints from a majority of (lupine) innovators.

Warning: Spoiler!

Penbar Urban Police
Was once originally the Capital of the Lupine Union from 2052 until 2094, Penbar Capital is still however the most densely populated city, making it a high-value target by enemy bombings, domestic terrorism and espionage attacks. Because of this, the Penbar Police has since received large grants and defence support from the Lupine Union and various Arms Manufacturers. A lot of the Automotive Grants do go towards the PUP as well.

The Penbar Urban Police is an (almost) Militarised and unique branch of standard LU Law Enforcement. What it lacks in firepower, it can make up in defence.

Warning: Spoiler!


Ayyyy - I now have an official Credits listing.
Props to these fellas for reasons stated:

- Many thanks to TheOrion, Yoko and Prototype for Model advice.

- LuLfy for Russian Localisation

- [W4E]MrLoneWolf - HVF Peforator (SVD Dragnov Steampunk suggestion)
- PUP 7.62 (AWP Replica)
- TheOrion for AT-51 SP SMG (Presented me a HK51B image, which I then Steampunked)
- HawttyHawk for Weapon name suggestions for Ambircon Tech.
- TesterOfTanks for g36 suggestion and Spiked Helmet(pickelhaube) model.
- vini for thompson suggestion.
- toxic2234 for tavor-21 suggestion
- Vampyro for FN FAL suggestion
- Anyone else that I may have missed out.
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7 years 8 months ago #42496 by Kevin
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7 years 8 months ago #42506 by berggeit
O_O steam punk gun? it looks damm awesme

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Silent like a forest,

Intrusive like the fire,

Immobile like a mountain.

Under heaven and earth, I alone am feared.

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7 years 8 months ago #42509 by Vampyro
The steampunk gun is very nice, it somewhat reminds me of a rather bulky nail gun.
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7 years 8 months ago #42521 by vini_damiani
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7 years 8 months ago #42533 by FernyEX
OMFG it's awsum!
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