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PokerMorda Models (Shapes beybe!) [Threadnaught]

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PokerMorda created the topic: PokerMorda Models (Shapes beybe!) [Threadnaught]

Well, I see you really liked my models. I'm work, on my pack, that will include my models, but, I don't want to mess forum with threads about my models, so I'm making this thread, that will include photos of all my models, that will be included in pack.

In first post, I'll show you three cars, that you will love.

First two, are two Lamborghini Aventador's - Coupe and Roadster. They're basing on my Veneno.

Coupe Version is already coded (Veneno too, but I'm not uploading photos).

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=1024]{e_FILE}public/1364747861_1585_FT0_spino_podglda_aventadora.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=1024]{e_FILE}public/1364747861_1585_FT0_a_teraz_ma_to_gdzie.png[/img]</div>

Roadster is still uncoded. I'm hope you like it. I'll work on Aventador Jota too.

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=1024]{e_FILE}public/1364747861_1585_FT0_aventador3.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=1024]{e_FILE}public/1364747861_1585_FT0_aventador4.png[/img]</div>

Third car is one of requests, requested by my friend called Ezoy (it's jusy nickname). It's Chevrolet Cruze. Also I'll work on WTCC version.



<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=1024]{e_FILE}public/1364747861_1585_FT0_cruze3.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1280&height=1024]{e_FILE}public/1364747861_1585_FT0_cruze2.png[/img]</div>

I want to know, did you like them. Also, I please you - give me requests. Now I'll work on Toyota Supra.

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Erato replied the topic:

I like it!

I told you that I DON'T want E-mail notifications. THEN STOP DOING THAT PLEASE.
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Mill2 replied the topic:

dang thats good

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JiJ replied the topic:

wbout a jag d-type?


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FabulousMisLuna replied the topic:

Good luck with the toyota supra

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Yunuscracke replied the topic:

Poker can I help with the textures? because they are a littlebit too blocky

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