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EVL on police, ambulance and fire service vehicles

4 years 5 months ago #45930 by Fiiiiiire
As my name surely says, I am very interested in everything concerning fire protection. I was really happy to find the (German!) fire engine in Manus' Civil pack. Unfortunately the flashing lights (EVLs) do not work.

I know that objects can't emit light in Minecraft. But I could imagine a fast changing skin of the beacons just like the redstone torch with it's texture. Or another idea: the light rays that are being emitted by the flashers are generated as objects circulating around the beacons. But actually I would find the first idea better.

However to keep the flashing lights visible, I see two possibilities:(while there may be more that I just don't know)
1. The "glowing" beacon's colour is independent from surrounding light, just as the fire of the burning arrow.
2. A light source is created in the block in that the beacon is in the moment of the flash. THis must be removed immediately afterwards.

To have the possibility of unmarked police vehicles I would also suppose the introduction of strobe lights in red blue and yellow. You hold them in your hand as a single item end when you right click a car with a strobe light in your hand it is placed on the roof of the car. I was thinking of the size like the head of a redstone torch.

Please excuse me if I should have some errors in my text, I am not from an anglophonic nation.

Thanks for reading
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