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On the topic of superweapons..

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Sgt_Jericho replied the topic:

When we can put turrets on mechs I will consider an Imperator Titan

I would say do it now; the Emperor wills it! To tell the truth I think that would be too big for Minecraft to handle.. A Warlord might work though.

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ImmenseTigerP replied the topic:

Since Prototype made a Ratte, and Stalin made a Gustav, why not make a Nazi Flying Saucer?



Just have it so it has VTOL controls, and should be good.


What cloneguy said.

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tankmanx35 replied the topic:

Trooper where is the new version of WOT Pack ? I can,t wait too long

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Vampyro replied the topic:


If anyone is going to make a Nazi Flying saucer, choose this one.

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