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Looking for a bunch of Civillian Aircrafts...

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Vampyro replied the topic:

No, I was asking Stalin what's wrong w/ 1.8, adding flans mod might relieve us of how minecraft is becoming a fantasy instead of the sandbox game its meant to be.

If you want civilian stuff, idk much about that, if youre including police, there are places that use MH-6 Police Little Birds, & UH-1s (UH-1N I see commonly). Though they probably aren't refered to as UH/MH/SH/Etc. (Military References).


MD 500 is more like it,

UH-1N, close but Bell 412's are a bit more common.

And who can forget the Bell 206L? There are many police forces that use that chopper.

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GislerTheGamer replied the topic:

I would kinda like to see the 747 in flans mod and a finished 707.

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