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Airliner list (do not have to read)

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Yoko Kitozumi replied the topic:

Because everyone forgot we had nuclear bombs. :P Jking

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Cloneguy replied the topic:

Britain still has nukes in the form of ballistic missile subs, but yeah, the TSR-2 was somewhere in between the B-1 and F-111, it had basically the excact mission profile of the B-1 (low level supersonic entry into air defences, steep climb, bombs away, back down to low level for egress)

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08yangk replied the topic:

What liveries are you going to make, default white planes or white planes with red/orange/green/blue lines. Copyrighted???

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GislerTheGamer replied the topic:

I mean that is what he should do is just put some random coloured lines on them. I m not too sure. But I did ask for too much.

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Dragon_12dk replied the topic:

A 747 does sound cool though. But the issue with large vehicles is that you can get to the cockpit unless you fly up to it or build up to it... Is it possible to have solid floors?

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