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JudgeGrimm created the topic: Dirt-For-Diamonds

I have been looking over quite a few of the content packs available, and I must say as a person who enjoys singleplayer survival on the immersion-side, I am a bit let-down by the recipes. Everything seems to be things like four iron ingots and a redstone dust. All of this content is cool and awesome, but this stuff is FAR too cheap to acquire. Is there any way things could be made more difficult?

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Stalin replied the topic:

Make the recipes nastier by screwing with config.

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Kyle replied the topic:


#tower-of-pisa {
font-style: italic;

CSS puns ;)
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Prototype replied the topic:

Well the packs that use SMP parts pack have more complex recipes. Personally I'm put off by this, but I'm geared towards multiplayer warfare rather than single player immersion.

I believe Derpi's pack has some reasonably complex recipes if I'm not mistaken.

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