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Car request

4 years 2 weeks ago #54419 by snwilliam2
Replied by snwilliam2 on topic Car request
@VincentRH don't worry, I know what you're feeling :) but for me I'd rather answer "Sorry, I didn't think I can do it or have the time to make it..." ;)
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4 years 2 weeks ago #54417 by Oskiinus
Replied by Oskiinus on topic Car request
I think Model Request forum must be closed forever.

Why? other than models, people can request some new feature's too right....? just ask them nicely with yes or no..... :)

Correct. But, everything at this forum is about "Oh please make me %carname%!" or "Hey %modellername% I think that the %planename% will be great for your pack. You better make it for me, thanks". So what about this guy? He said that HE WANTS but not what modellers CAN DO, I don't think it's good form of request. No offence guys if I touched someone.


Vincent, it's more like personal. For me, this forum shouldn't be closed, because someone will always put something interesting to make (eg. jets, tanks, guns or whatever you're making wars 90% of smp, and cars, for people like me). So, don't be so offensive :P

Skype: oskiinus
Steam: oskiinus09
^In case you need to contact me, hehe.
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4 years 2 weeks ago #54409 by Biker
Replied by Biker on topic Car request
I think people who doesn't want to help shouldn't comment after all.

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