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Please Let Me Have Some Models

3 years 10 months ago #54548 by Vampyro
That's absolutely freaking hilarious. You've got 3 posts and you're asking for people to make 3 models for you. I've only ever seen one model fulfilled, and that's more-so because the person WANTED to make it and that was an excuse. Shaped wheels? Never been done on a civilian car as far as I'm aware.

Rudeness aside, this sounds like sheer laziness to me. Go download the toolbox and make those models yourself. Learn how to use shapeboxes, shapes, boxes, and all the required stuff to make those cars, and then code them. That will drop your dependency on other modellers as well allow you to make mods with whatever you want.

Edit: I know Poker made an R8 and I think back in the day when he was a bit newer he made a Porsche 911.

Mauns's dayz pack contains a few civilian cars, like an SUV, and it have round wheels.
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3 years 10 months ago #54547 by Neon00
You've gotta let others have the fun sometimes poker :P

Didn't know that vamp, then again I haven't really played with his DayZ pack...

I'll be thanked for killing a monster while you're burning in hell.
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