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More future

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Tdogg0903 created the topic: More future

So I was thinking, maybe more future in flans mod like prototype he does a great job stuff like that?! Also maybe like a futuristic sr 71 blackbird would be awesome?!!!

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vladthemad replied the topic:

The SR-71 was created in the sixties...not exactly high tech! :) I don't think simulating a mach 3 aircraft on a server would be the best idea either....it'd probably crash trying to generate all those chunks!

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Neon00 replied the topic:

I've been working on a futuristic pack, been a bit lazy about it, but it has been on my list of projects. Also, Vlad, I think he was just talking about making a more high tech vehicle with the general bodystyle of a SR-71. You have to admit, the body of the thing would work in some sort of futuristic pack.

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LocoGamers1145 replied the topic:

I was doing a Futuristic pack back before my files got deleted. I had it all done but it had no vehicles, only guns and exos. Although I could help with the guns.

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