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Request: Plane effects

4 years 1 week ago #61144 by Acdrybones
Hello,I wanted to suggest some cool ideas for planes.

*Bullet Holes- is it possible that you could shoot a vehicle, and it would cause a 2D texture to form on the vehicle? And to repair it, you simply use a blow torch and repair the part that is damaged.

*Stalling- I discovered while in I was in a biplane that's wings got shot off of, if I went straight up, the plane quickly slowed down to a stop, and fixed when I pointed the nose back.

*Better Vehicle death- it would be amazing if it could be made so instead of the entire plane being destroyed when the core dies, make it so the core turns black, visably damaged, and explodes once it reaches 0.
Also, make the vehicle's core be incredibility strong.

*Better health/damage- anyway that all of the vehicles take very little damage if shot with small weapons? But more damage with heavy weapons? Also, give them all incredible health and damage.

*And lastly, Better sound effects- it would be great if all the vehicles would have better, longer, more realistic engine sounds that don't sound like they are looping.

These would all be amazing additions to this great mod, and would definitely make it better.
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4 years 1 week ago #61146 by TankHunterCobra
Bullet holes & visual damage isn't planned, I'm not sure if its possible.
Stalling might be possible if a weak engine plane couldn't go straight up for long.
I agree with vehicle destruction, maybe helicopters start to spin once health goes really low, & tank turrets pop from the tank. Or have vehicles catch fire at low health.
Vehicles shouldn't be massively damaged at all by small arms, though I believe Prototype is fiddling with that for the MW Pack.
Sound effects are always going to loop, that's how minecrafts .ogg sounds work, though I agree half the sounds are crap & multiple guns share the same sounds, miniguns using RPD sounds makes me want to vomit. & shooting a Fighterjet cannon making a M60 Sound sucks. But it depends on where you get your sounds, Cloneguy, Labjac(Stalin), TaskForce, etc. All use custom sounds, most people just borrow them from Official Packs.
The topic has been locked.
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