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Modern Content Pack Obj

1 year 2 months ago #80423 by Inforno
Not sure where I should ask this or if I would even be allowed to ask this, but I'll make this simple. I just need some modern content pack obj files from Flans Mod since I want to use them in Blender. Why I won't do this myself? Well I'm on mac and I don't feel using 20 Euros for 1 Content Pack and then never use the program again prob. Why not ask a friend? Well, no one actually buys the pro version on the MC server I am on.... So ya if by chance any random fellow would like to help that'd be great
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1 year 2 months ago #80424 by Inforno
Replied by Inforno on topic Modern Content Pack Obj
Btw sorry for double posting but since I can't seem to find the edit button ya... I forgot to say which ones I am looking for, just some guns like m16a4, aug, mtar, ak47, l96, barret 50 cal, minigun, golden desert eagle, and fn scar
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