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Mpack: (New Nambu M60/FNC)

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Vill_Triman replied the topic: Mpack: (JH-406/RX01/AFG2/QCW-05/PP19/AKS-74U)

So if I made an M16A2 and called it an AK-47, that would be fine?

Or if I made an R870 and called it an "AN-900", would that be OK?


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multicraftFTW replied the topic: Mpack: (JH-406/RX01/AFG2/QCW-05/PP19/AKS-74U)

Vill_Triman wrote: So if I made an M16A2 and called it an AK-47, that would be fine?

Or if I made an R870 and called it an "AN-900", would that be OK?


oh my fucking god if your going to do this shit do it somewhere else and no that's not what he is saying he is saying its no big deal if you call it an Ak-74 or Ak-47 or Akm because they are all KALISHNAKOVS!

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vini_damiani replied the topic: Mpack: (JH-406/RX01/AFG2/QCW-05/PP19/AKS-74U)

Fuck, i just missed a fucking "S"... chill people, and this is not even my thread

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CODBO2 replied the topic: Mpack: (JH-406/RX01/AFG2/QCW-05/PP19/AKS-74U)

When is the release

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tdboytd replied the topic: Mpack: (JH-406/Reflex/AFG2/QCW-05/PP19/AKS-74U)

Vampyro wrote: Looks nice, I like the Trijicon one the most.

And the name for the Trijicon is RX01 last time i checked.

Thank you so much. I couldn't find it on any images, and I only knew that Trijicon made it from a Garry's Mod mod that called it "Trijicon." I'll have another optic for you tonight.

CODBO2 wrote: When is the release

July 10th is my desired date, but I am not sure if I'll be able to make it because it will take a lot of work, and I am pretty much alone for most of it (as of now). Though, it is mainly just the skinning that is going to be the issue. I have tons of guns unskinned, and I hate skinning guns. Hopefully Spectre or Boulder can help me with that. I also want to (at the very least) get the M67 in. Last time I tried to import it, toolbox crashed, so that will take some time to figure out too. I'd also like to get a smoke and Molotov in along with that. Plus, I'd like a KA-BAR in, so that is more time too. Not all the coding is done and neither are all the attachment points. And to top it all off, I still have 7 more guns to model (I might cut one shotgun from the list and bring back an old shotgun-type weapon instead. People who played with the old pack probably know what I speak of). Boulder also wanted to get translations in, and a couple of people have volunteered, but I need the completed version for people to be able to do that. However, FacelessDrops has already started translating, so props to him. Find his profile and spam that + karma button. In conclusion, I am aiming for the 10th of July to release, but might have to push it back to 12th.

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Guakstick replied the topic: Mpack: (JH-406/Reflex/AFG2/QCW-05/PP19/AKS-74U)

Well hopefully I'll be able to test it out before I head off for my surgery. :P
Great to see a bunch more sights and grips, and, again, I can't wait to try them.

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