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Help please, a frustrated noob needs help

5 years 7 months ago #65536 by gigiandearl
I have the newest versionof the smp ttoolbox and I am trying to run 1.8 for the toolbox. First issue that I am having is that I have to manually place the forge scr and the flansmod-1.8 in the forge folder because it lags out whenever I try to install it with the run gradle. The next issue that I am having is that I can't create a. Jar, the gradle.build or gradlew Build (apologize in advance for forgetting) is not picking up the packages/. Jars and is not evaluating them or compiling (so the :ww2 :mechapartspack ect) wont even register or turn into a jar. I would reallyaappreciate it if someone could help me because I have had to constantly uninstall the application and reinstall it due to undetectable errors. Also I am running the right forge, . 15 02. I am hoping for someone to help me with this or help with this. Also if there is any other way to make / compile packages. I have been following manus test gun tutorials and the setting up gradle and thebbuilding the problem I am always struggling with. Thankyou for reading and thank youffor your help
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5 years 7 months ago #65537 by DerpiWolf
Below is the manual tutorial.


"because it lags out whenever I try to install it with the run gradle."
- The installation of gradle takes a long time, even on a PC like mine that's up to PS4 specs. 6 mins is my record so far.

The manual install may mention Eclipse. Would highly recommended you do get it, as for newbies it will help pick up any code errors it finds in real-time.
And if your PC is 32-bit/64-bit, your Eclipse must match whichever of the two it is.
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