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Can't import my model into flans mod correctly

1 year 1 month ago #79669 by BeauRecon
I'm new to toolbox 2.0 and am working on my own gun, an m24 sniper.
Although the moddeling went well and i was able to create my m24, I tried to follow Manus'
Tutorial video on how to export your gun into minecraft, but i didnt work for me, my gun showed up like a weird purple black block. The first thing i noticed what was not the same as in the video, was that i didnt use forge gradew to run minecraft, but seeing that the normal flans mod packs run without it, i put my 3 model files into one of the packs i installed, the tf51 basic pack. I started up minecraft and it didnt work again. PLEASE HELP ME, i really want to get my own gun into minecraft.
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1 year 1 month ago #79677 by Manus
Well, i purple/black optic is not a model problem. It mean, minecraft didn't find the correct texture file.

And you have to compile the models via gradle before you can use them in Minecraft
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1 year 1 month ago #79679 by BeauRecon
Thanks alot, i thought i could just put in the model into the flans packs. I managed to install the forge gradlew the manual way because the toolbox 2.0 version crashed my toolbox. I have one problem though wich is that i set the path for the package explorer to the wrong folder, the run folder instead of the src one in your tutorial, it wont let me change it in the model settings, where can I change it?
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