Eclipse Tutorial - Setup and Bugfinding

This tutorial will show how to work with Eclipse, how to setup an installation, how to start Minecraft and how to find Bugs in Flans Mod Models.

This tutorial is made for Flan's Mod 5.0, and Minecraft 1.8., ForgeGradle 1.8- is used. But all steps shown here are also working with ForgeGradle for MC 1.72 and 1.7.10.

I used the last Src version. The newer Mdk version seems to be not ok currently (22.09.2015).



  1. Install the Java JDK (Java. This is required even if have have already installed the Java JRE. Download here:
  2. Set the JAVA_HOME variable into your system.
  3. Internet must be available the whole time during installation.


1. Setup Eclipse

  1. Go to

  2. Selcet Downloads"

  3. Select the version you require for your System.

  4. Download this file from Eclipse.

  5. Start the just downloaded program. An option Screen will shown. Select "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers".

  6. Change the parameter if required and press "INSTALL".

  7. Agree to the License.

  8. After agreeing the installation process will start. This can take a while.

  9. When finished press "LAUNCH"

  10. On the first start Eclipse will ask to select a workspace. Basically the workspace is the installation of ForgeGradle we want to work with. You can have several ForgeGradles and switch between them is required. Press Browser to select a ForgeGragle.

  11. Browser to you ForgeGradle folder. Inside you will find a sub folder called "eclipse". Select this sub folder and press ok.

  12. You ForgeGralde path should be displayed in the textbox now. If yes, press ok to continue. 

  13. Eclipse is now starting and ready to use.


2. Run Minecraft

  1.  Press Run on top of the Application. The symbol is a small green arrow. As soon as pressed, the log starts displaying loading information and details.
  2. After few seconds Minecraft should be ready to use (depends on your computer). At the bottom you can see mow that ForgeGradle is up and running.


3. Error Find and Troubleshooting with Eclipse

  1. On the left side you can find all installed mod and classes

  2. If you want to check you models you have to look here.

  3. Errors are show by a small, red "X"

  4. You now have to expand the tree till you see the class (java model) which contains the error

  5. If you now click on this class, it will be opened by eclipse

  6. Now you can see smaller red dots on the scrollbar on the right. These red dots are indicating the position of the error. Also errors are marked with a red line under them.

  7. If you move a mouse to the error, eclipse will give you some more details about the error and sometimes a working solution to fix it.

  8. The Log also display much information for troubleshooting. If your model is not loaded, then you can find a error message posted here. Reading this message most times help to find the error.E.g. in this excample class not loaded, class not found means the class name is wrong or you have a type sensitive error in your config.

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  1. Pumpkin

I cannot find my ForgeGradle folder, nor the eclipse sub folder. Where would they be located? Thanks in advance

  1. LilShrimp01    Pumpkin

You need to install forge gradle first, then you install eclipse.

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