Shapebox Editor

Here the first preview of the upcoming Shapebox Editor.

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  1. TankHunterCobra

Will we still have an option to use the current shapebox editor?

  1. Manus    TankHunterCobra

sure. it will be still there for fine tuning

  1. berggeit

O_O awesome

  1. GolddolphinSKB

Dayum thats nice!

  1. DamagedNASCAR89

This looks brilliant!!! Do you know when 2.3 will be out?

  1. Spicystreak

If it is possible, can you increase the limit of parts on a vehicle gun?

  1. Spicystreak    Manus

whenever i build one, only 14 parts can go in or any more would just not be in the vehicle gun when I add it. Is this just a limit because I have the free version of toolbox?

  1. Manus    Spicystreak

There is no limit

  1. Spicystreak    Manus

Sorry, it was just a really annoying glitch with the old toolbox version I had and didn't realize it was a glitch or that it was fixed

  1. Mc Sup Gon

wow, this is will be useful in modeling.

  1. Kate Trompf

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