Can you build a boats and ships?


Yes, we can build ships and boat models but they will not swim. They will akt as all of flans models, they will sink to the ground.

Can you build missiles?


Yes, we can build models of missles, but they will not act like missles. They will fire like guns only with missle models.

Can you build me a Model of XXX


 No, we will not build you a model of XXX. Maybe we will, but there are sooo many requests, we can not build them all. But hey, there are loots of tutorials here on this page so feel free to do so on your own. The comunity will help you.

Can i use you model for my package?


You have to ask for permission before you start with your package. Normally the permission will be granted if you ask polide. Don't use model without permission, sooner or later someone will notice.

Can you code me my Model of XXX?


We wont code your Model, use the tutorials and the Minecraft-SMP Toolbox.

Can you make me a Model of XXX and give it to me, so I can use it for my Pack?


No. We wont, because if you want Models for your own Pack only, do them yourself.

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