I have the following error XXX


Check the forum before posting the error. Normally you will notice, that it is a mod error. These error have to be reported to Flan in his Thread on the MC Forum. We can't fix them.

MC says "TurboModelThingy isn't installed" and it crashes.


Flan's Flying Mod doesn't require TMT anymore. Only versions before 1.4.6 require TMT. If you got this message in 1.4.6 or higher, then you have one of the following problems:

  • You use a model package which requires an other package to run, e.g. a part package. You have to install these package as well. (Manus Packages require the Minecraft-SMP Part Package)
  • You use a model package with a older/newer version of Flans Mod. The packages need a specific version of the mod (see Point 5d).
  • You use a model package which was compiled with a new/older version of forge
  • You use a model package designed for 1.2.5. Delete this package.
  • You use a model package which is not proper build

Note: This Error Message was removed in 1.6.2 and replaced by a more specific message.


If i try to place a plane/vehicle the game crashes and the following error message is shown: java.lang.NullPointerException at co.uk.flansmods.common.EntityVehicle.func_70071_h_(EntityVehicle.java:731)


The packages on this site have certain dependencies. Like Flans packages require his Part Package, Manus's and Stan's Packages are requiring the Minecarft-SMP Part Package.

Why is the package not working with a newer/older version of flans mod?


Every version of the packages are build for a specific version of the mod and a specific version of Minecraft, also Forge is a factor. Therefore not all packages can operate with all mod versions.

  • Package version 1.5.2a -> Minecraft 1.5.2 -> Flans Mod 2.3.1
  • Package version 1.5.2b -> Minecraft 1.5.2 -> Flans Mod 2.3.2
  • Package version 1.6.2a -> Minecraft 1.6.2 -> Flans Mod 2.4.1


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