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The Bell V-280 Valor

7 years 2 weeks ago #38877 by TaskForce51
The Bell V-280 Valor is a demonstrator aircraft for the US Army's Joint Multi-Role (JMR) Technology Demonstrator (TD) phase. This is basically phase one to the program that well fallow, Future Vertical Lift (FVL). All of this is to have the goal of replacing aging helicopters in the fleet such as the CH-47 Chinook and UH-60 Black Hawk, which not to long ago turned forty years old! It's a joint venture between Bell and Lockheed to build this amazing aircraft. On October 21, 2013 a full scale mock up of the V-280 was unveiled. Though the V-280 isn't going to make it's first flight until 2017. The craft is predicated to fly up to 300 knots (350 mph/ 560 km/h) and have the range of 2,400 mi/ 3, 900 km. The aircraft's VTOL feature is different from other VTOL aircraft's because the engines remains in place while the drive shaft is what tilts. The V-280 also has a retractable landing gear and is flown trough fly by wire technology. Another feature that stands out is that it's tail is V shaped allowing for great maneuverability. The V-280 well be able to lift 10,000 lb (4,500 kg). The cabin well house needed equipment for it's crew of four and eleven passengers. All in all the Bell V-280 is an A okay aircraft for me and deserves a place in Minecraft. So I created a bunch of variants based on variants of the UH-60 and ones I thought would be cool (Which aren't completely realistically going to happen). The models variants shown below are the HV-280J (Cost Guard Rescue), KV-280 (Refueling), LCV-280 (Arctic), MV-280G (Special Operations), MXV-280S (Stealth), OV-280 (Observation and Special Operation, favorite), SV-280 (Anti Submarine), V-280 (Original), AV-280A (Attack), V-280F (Upgrade), V-280M (Medical), VHL,280 (Heavy Lift) , VU-280 (Utility), VV-280E (President transport). I haven't completed some other variants yet but the EV-280 (Electronic warfare) , FV-280 (Fighter), CV-280 (Cargo), DV-280 (Drone Controller), and XV-280 (A surprise) are on the way.
<div class='spacer'>[img:width=684&height=460]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_aaaa2013-fvl-rear-qtr-attack.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=980&height=455]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_bell_v-280-3-24x16-fast-rope_cropped.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=980&height=455]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_bell_v-280-6-24x16-flight-of-two-cropped.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=980&height=450]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_fvlv280.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=610&height=415]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_v-280_valor.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=980&height=455]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_v280-web-slider-egress1.jpg[/img]</div>

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<div class='spacer'>[img:width=980&height=455]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_v280-web-slider-helicoptermode.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=980&height=455]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_v280-web-slider-medevac.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=851&height=460]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_bell_v280_fvl_low_level.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=3796&height=1904]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_v-280-mockup-c-bell-helicopter.jpg[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1581&height=805]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_hv-280j.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1577&height=801]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_kv-280.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1581&height=797]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_lcv-280.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1579&height=803]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_mv-280g.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1579&height=803]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_mxv-280s.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1579&height=805]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_ov-280.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1581&height=803]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_sv-280.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1581&height=807]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_v-280.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1583&height=809]{e_FILE}public/1405318895_807_FT0_v-280a.png[/img]</div>

The Big 51
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7 years 2 weeks ago #38878 by TaskForce51
Replied by TaskForce51 on topic The Bell V-280 Valor
<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1581&height=809]{e_FILE}public/1405319117_807_FT39331_v-280f.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1577&height=801]{e_FILE}public/1405319117_807_FT39331_v-280m.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1575&height=803]{e_FILE}public/1405319117_807_FT39331_vhl-280.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1577&height=797]{e_FILE}public/1405319117_807_FT39331_vu-280.png[/img]</div>

<div class='spacer'>[img:width=1581&height=805]{e_FILE}public/1405319117_807_FT39331_vv-280e.png[/img]</div>

The Big 51
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7 years 2 weeks ago #38880 by TaskForce51
Replied by TaskForce51 on topic The Bell V-280 Valor
If you read this and think any other variant that I could make please let me know.

The Big 51
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7 years 2 weeks ago #38882 by Stalin
Replied by Stalin on topic The Bell V-280 Valor
If you read this
Too lazy to read it all...

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It's a beautifully disgusting cesspool of free speech and tyranny.
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7 years 2 weeks ago #38886 by TheOrion
Replied by TheOrion on topic The Bell V-280 Valor
Is this a good way to present the Concept VTOl? Yes.
Is this a good Place & Idea to Show of your Models? No.

MVP Ostwind
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7 years 2 weeks ago #38891 by Vampyro
Replied by Vampyro on topic The Bell V-280 Valor
Nice VTOL.
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