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5 years 1 month ago - 5 years 1 month ago #76610 by HeinrichWolff
I'm starting a list of all existing & downloadable content packs ( 1.7.10 & 1.8 ) in order to help people finding them.
You can tell me the ones I've forgotten in this list and if some links are outdated.

Flan's Official Packs :
- Simple Parts Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/2/Official18Si...81566E%2B12&pageon=1
- World War II Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/7/Official18Wo...81566E%2B12&pageon=1
- Modern Weapons Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/4/Official18Mo...81566E%2B12&pageon=1
- Ye Olde Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/8/Official18Ye...81566E%2B12&pageon=1
- Titan Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/13/Official18T...81566E%2B12&pageon=1
- Mecha Parts Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/309/Official18...81566E%2B12&pageon=1
- Zombie Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/279/Official18...81566E%2B12&pageon=1
- Nerf Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/9/Official18Ne...81566E%2B12&pageon=1

Manus' Packs :
1.8 : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/downloads/category/59-flans-mod-5-1
1.7.10 : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/downloads/category/43-flans-mod-4-10
- Manus Warhammer 40k Package
- Manus Ships Package
- Minecraft-SMP Parts Package
- Manus WW2 Package
- Manus DayZ Package
- Manus Civil Package
- Manus Modern Warfare Package : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/downloads/dow...ckage-for-flan-4-5-1
- Manus SiFi Package : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/downloads/dow...ckage-for-flan-4-5-1

Prototype's Packs :
- FutureCraft Flan pack : www.planetminecraft.com/mod/futurecraft-flan-content-pack/
- Prototype's sci-fi package : www.planetminecraft.com/mod/164-flan-prototypes-sci-fi-package/
- British Military Pack : www.planetminecraft.com/mod/flan-490-british-military-pack/
- Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte Pack : www.planetminecraft.com/mod/flan-1710-landkreuzer-p1000-ratte/
- HMS Daring : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...ges/46675-hms-daring

Labjac's Packs :
- Monolith Pack : www.planetminecraft.com/mod/monolith-pack-for-flans-mod-411/
- Fleet Pack : www.planetminecraft.com/mod/fleet-pack--...od-content-pack-wip/

TaskForce51's Packs : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/content...elease-thread-1-7-10
- TF51 Basic-Content Pack
- TF51 Car-Content Pack
- USA ColdWar-Content Pack
- USAF ColdWar-Content Pack
- USAF ModernWar-Content Pack
- USAF VietnamWar-Content Pack
- USA ModernWar-Content Pack
- USA VietnamWar-Content Pack
- USCG-Content Pack
- USMC ModernWar-Content Pack
- USN ColdWar-Content Pack
- USN ModernWar-Content Pack
- USN VietnamWar-Content Pack

Flan's mod Plus by Demitto : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...7-10-flan-s-mod-plus
- Flan's mod plus
- Ez8's Cold War Pack2 (Flan's mod plus version)
- Ez8's World War 2 Pack (Flan's mod plus version)
- CVT's Pack
- MosPack

ExtraZero8's Vehicle Packs : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...ro8-s-vehicle-pack-2
- Ez8's Cold War Pack2
- Ez8's World War 2 Pack
- Fun thingy Pack

Wolff's Packs : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...many-pack-update-1-5
- Wolff's Flag Pack
- Wolff's Germany WW2 Pack
- Wolff's Star Wars Pack
- Wolff's Modern Technology Pack
- 3D Armours Flan's mod compatibility fix with Custom Npcs

Kevin&Vini's packs :
Survival Z Stable versions : www.dropbox.com/sh/5bfujpyrrxblaqq/AACGv...l9OyMJxXBKne8ka?dl=0
Survival Z Reloaded Beta versions : www.dropbox.com/sh/o59zxf70r7hqykv/AAB6y...ixYI2162V76Nj7a?dl=0
- Survival Z Modern Weapons-Content Pack
- Survival Z DayZ-Content Pack
- Survival Z Guns Core-Content Pack/Gun Required-Content Pack
- Survival Z Old Guard-Content Pack

Dr_prof_Luigi's packs : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...r-prof-luigi-s-packs
- Iconic Movie Cars Pack
- Dr_prof_Luigi's pack
- BlackThorne Civil pack

TheOrion's Packs :
- Japanese Supreme Airforce Pack TheOrion : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...ack-r2y2-release-1-7
- Redline/Transam 20000 Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...e-transam-20000-pack

Moneybuster's Packs :
- Italian WW2 Pack 3D : flansmod.com/content-pack/21/Italian_WW2...ownload_Fixed?tag=3d
- Modern Armor Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/83/Modern_Armo...0_1710Teams_included
- Western Gun Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/185/Western_Gun_Pack_1710_v26
- DayZ Weapon Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/25/DayZ_Weapon_Pack_1710
- Danish WW2 addon for the WW2 Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/55/Danish_WW2_..._Updated_to_1710_v21

Jed's Packs : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/making-...ng-a-uh-1y-venom-now
- Combined Arms Pack
- Jed's Guns Pack
- Jed's Modern Firearms Pack
- Jed's Armor Pack
- Jed's Manus Reskin Pack

Weapons & Armours Packs :

Greylight Content Pack by DerpiWolf : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/making-models/42964
Kikkoceccato Content Pack : www.minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/mak...kikkoceccato-s-topic
Rainfire5's Arsenal Content Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/content...-content-pack-thread
Machetemen Arms Pack by tdboytd : www.minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/pic...ead-end?limitstart=0
Testers Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/gun-pac...ters-pack-update-1-9
Berggeit's WW2 Sovjetpack : www.mediafire.com/download/acjb1cp87467sy9/berggeit_beta.zip
The Dutch Korps CommandoTroepen Weaponry Pack by Erato : flansmod.com/content-pack/285/1710_470_T...Weaponry_Pack_WIP_02
Spoonikles Stargate Weapons and Armor Content Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/gun-pac...d-armor-content-pack
Simple Weapons Pack by Kyle : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/gun-pac...apons-pack-5-1-0-1-8
Robocop Pack by [ITW]Daron122 : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/gun-pac...52-poll-robocop-pack
LPxPlayer'sCommunity-Weapon-Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/14/LPxPlayer039sCommunity-Weapon-Pack
Battlefield 4 Pack by KeksArmee + honkiLP : flansmod.com/content-pack/244/WIP_172_3D...y_KeksArmee__honkiLP
NCMC Gun pack by sherman963 : flansmod.com/content-pack/197/171018_410...nds_paints_and_stats
Elite Guns! by nikinator5000 : flansmod.com/content-pack/128/Elite_Guns_50_Modern_Guns_-_172
Powers's Content Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/362/Powers039s_Content_Pack_V44
MW Pack-A-Punch Paintjob Pack by Gerry503 : flansmod.com/content-pack/360/1710_MW_Pa...-Punch_Paintjob_Pack

Military vehicles Packs with weapons/armours :

Global Firestorm Pack by TankHunterCobra : flansmod.com/content-pack/619/1710Global...sault_17_Coming_Soon
Cloneguy's Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/making-...dels-more-arma-stuff
Random socialistic pack by communist239 : flansmod.com/content-pack/489/RANDOM_SOC...ST239_alfa_version_1

Military vehicles Packs :

Ak's Vehicle Content Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...le-content-packs-3-1
World Of Tanks Content Pack : flansmod.com/content-pack/266/WIP_1710Wo...lpha_V13_Sturer_Emil

Sci-Fi Packs :

Halo Content Pack by spicystreak2 : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...45-halo-content-pack
Star Wars Content Pack by MrCreepMan : www.planetminecraft.com/mod/flans-mod-st...ooking-for-modelers/
Tron content pack by flomonsguidu38 : flansmod.com/content-pack/331/Tron_content_pack_17x

Mainly cars/civil vehicles/civil planes Packs :

Waywardcraft Era I Pack by Mattrock607 : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/model-r...a-i-pack-help-needed
Milox-117's Cars Package : flansmod.com/content-pack/51/Milox-117039s_Cars_Package
Retextured Vehicle Skins (Manus Civil Pack) by Brynmar : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...ins-manus-civil-pack
Spino's Vehicles : www.planetminecraft.com/mod/spinos-vehic...k-for-the-flans-mod/
Oskar's Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...k-1-6-release-thread
Fex's Vehicle Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...4-fex-s-vehicle-pack
GolddolphinSKB's Flans Mod Utility Content Pack : www.planetminecraft.com/mod/golddolphins...tility-content-pack/
Helo's Mafia Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...pack-beta-v2-release
Helomyname's Vehicles : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...me-s-vehicles-1-7-10
Poker's Garage V Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...-10-poker-s-garage-v
Adrian's Supercars Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...ase-1-0?limitstart=0
Jamal's Car Pack : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/vehicle...official-release-v-1
Santioni Aquila 10 Pack by Santioni_Automobili : minecraft-smp.de/index.php/forum/content...3-santioni-aquila-10
Koenigsegg Pack by Santioni_Automobili : www.dropbox.com/s/rg2vjzs6s2jwmow/KoenigseggPack.zip?dl=0
Project Mustang by MegaStannyBoy : flansmod.com/content-pack/357/Project_Mustang
Titascorpack by titascorprod : flansmod.com/content-pack/629/titascorpack_v40

Modpacks with flan's mod new content :

- Tyrants and Plebeians modpacks by Labjac : monorisu.enjin.com/home
- World War 2 Factions by Scazzum : www.technicpack.net/modpack/official-wor...ar-2-factions.834289

Mysterious gun packs from the japanese minecraft forum (someone to translate japanese?) :
- forum.minecraftuser.jp/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=27979
- forum.minecraftuser.jp/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=27446

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5 years 1 month ago #76611 by Kikkoceccato
This may be REALLY useful, although my "content pack" in this very moment contains 1 vehicle and 1 deployable gun, although soon will contain other 2 vehicles LOL

Seriously, that's a great effort. A lot of time must have been taken to compile this list, but now the new members of this community will have their inner dreams become real much faster...XD

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5 years 1 month ago #76613 by HeinrichWolff
Yeah I've spend 2 to 3 hours searching for content packs in order to centralize here all the Flan's mod stuff. But this list is not complete yet. There are still some packages that are missing.

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5 years 1 month ago - 5 years 1 month ago #76616 by vini_damiani
Last SVZ update is this (just a beta version, all skins are glitched) if anyone want the last stable version, i don't know where it is but i might have it

SVZ Reloaded beta www.dropbox.com/sh/o59zxf70r7hqykv/AAB6y...ixYI2162V76Nj7a?dl=0

Old SVZ (no idea wich version) www.dropbox.com/sh/5bfujpyrrxblaqq/AACGv...l9OyMJxXBKne8ka?dl=0

BTW, they are 4 packs, not one
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5 years 1 month ago #76617 by HeinrichWolff

vini_damiani wrote: Last SVZ update is this (just a beta version, all skins are glitched) if anyone want the last stable version, i don't know where it is but i might have it

SVZ Reloaded beta www.dropbox.com/sh/o59zxf70r7hqykv/AAB6y...ixYI2162V76Nj7a?dl=0

Old SVZ (no idea wich version) www.dropbox.com/sh/5bfujpyrrxblaqq/AACGv...l9OyMJxXBKne8ka?dl=0

BTW, they are 4 packs, not one


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5 years 1 month ago #76618 by berggeit
mate you should change the name of my link. XD its ww2 sovjetpack (beta) never released any thing of the armed forces pack

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