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5 years 2 weeks ago #76638 by Kikkoceccato

vini_damiani wrote: I actually think that the models are kinda crappy (Td or Berg, maybe even me when i'm not extremely lazy like aways can do a lot better), the round parts are extremelly easy to do, you need some calculation to get it perfect, just some icosagon side measurements and angles (or how perfect you want the circle to be, more boxes = rounder = more calculations needed to make it perfect)

there are 20 boxes in a circle around a single point, each box has a angle that it almost overlaps the other, just not to leave a gap, i did this one rought in about 5 minutes so it don't looks perfect but sure i could do one perfect with about 200 - 100 boxes

BTW, that rifle looks awful, in my opnion, TD models beat it in every single way

OK. That's absolutely true, Tdboy makes way much better models. But I mean... It must have taken a decent amount of work e.g. to make those barrels in the M134D. I'm just saying that people should really considerate this stuff.

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