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[Hellfire - Origins] ~Greylight Story Thread~

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Thanks man, really means a lot to hear that. :)

Dank Bruh.

Author Of The 'Hellfire' Series.
Self-Proclaimed Master Of Cynicism.
Lives In UK, Thinks It's Shite.
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... Missing ...

Dank Bruh.

Author Of The 'Hellfire' Series.
Self-Proclaimed Master Of Cynicism.
Lives In UK, Thinks It's Shite.
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5 years 8 months ago - 5 years 8 months ago #76718 by Guakstick
Hello everyone! It's been a while, but I haven't given up on this story, so here is Chapter 5 of Hellfire - Origins! Also included are small updates to other chapters, and a new system of changing time quickly. Enjoy!
(P.S. I have also updated the Prologue, and added Italics to all communication using comms.)

Dank Bruh.

Author Of The 'Hellfire' Series.
Self-Proclaimed Master Of Cynicism.
Lives In UK, Thinks It's Shite.
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Chapter 10 ( 5 )

Days turned to weeks. A whisper of outbursts of rebellion in slums and deprived areas within the Lupine Union was commonplace, as was news of the military forces attacking areas within the Pacific Federation. It had already been two months since the incident in the Penbar Height’s District, when the team was suddenly woken in the middle of the night, and sent to the landing area of Blackveil.

“Why… So… Early?” Lyll asked, his head slumping, talking groggily.

“That would be for me to answer.” Came a voice from behind them. They all turned, and silhouetted against the moon, with the water below gleaming, was a tall lupine, standing impressively against the backdrop. He stepped forward, so as to cast the light’s reflection onto his front.

“Who’s he?” Lyll asked, leaning over towards Marric.

“A minor character.” Marric responded quietly.

“I am Riltay Barik. Captain Riltay Barik to you.” He said. He had a rough, deep voice, which matched his generally rough aesthetic, including a large beard.

He wore a long tattered trench coat, and a old sailors hat. Both had rank marks placed upon them. The coat was open, revealing a regular Lupine Union military uniform and a ballistic vest.

“Now, you may be wondering why I called you out at such an early hour, but it is for one simple reason. The higher-ups require a military target to be eliminated and the information he stole to be retrieved. The target in question is a high-ranking officer in the Pacific Federation, and he is currently taking refuge in a heavily fortified island base, known to the locals as Partasti Eriflleh. The island is a dormant volcano, which is divided into an upper and lower section, the lower being an uninhabited old town, and the upper home to this officer’s command centre. It is expected you will encounter heavy resistance from stationed soldiers. Due to its location and heavy defences, the YST will not be able to transport you to the target location.”

“Excuse me sir, but then how are we supposed to get there.” Arcadio asked, stepping forward.

“I was just getting onto that. Follow me.”

He turned and strode towards the nearest tower, with the team following slowly in his wake. He led them into an elevator, which carried them downwards.

As they doors opened when they hit the bottom Aryn was immediately mesmerised by the size of the cavern that opened up before them. Easily the size of an airplane hangar, it was a surprise he hadn’t heard about it sooner. As they were led through the subterranean area he noted a large cargo area and multiple boat docks leading to an archway and out to the sea beyond.

The captain led them over to a bay in which a large submarine was parked, suspended just above the water by cranes. It was a dark blue colour, with decals of fangs and orange eyes placed on the side, and the conning tower the word Kleshi had been placed. As they approached Aryn saw many crewmen hurrying around on the dockside, restocking and refuelling the vessel.

“We shall be taking this to your destination. I will lead you to your quarters.” Captain Barik announced as he led them up a flight of steps, along a walkway and through a hatch at the front of the tower. They slid down a ladder and into a small room.

“I would recommend placing your equipment here, it will get very cramped down below, and with all the pipes and that I don’t want a misfire on my ship. Also, sorry to say but your friend here will probably need to stay here during the trip due to size concerns.” He said, gesturing to Silent.

The team removed their gear, and, leaving Silent in the room, ventured downwards, deeper into the maze-like sub. The captain led them through cramped hallways, past exposed pipe-work and the sounds of grinding gears.

“Well, here we are. We shall dock with the main vessel in around thirty minutes, and the main journey shall take a few hours. I would recommend getting some shut-eye.” The captain said as they finally reached their quarters.

Aryn flopped onto one of the beds, and fell asleep instantly.


“Hey Aryn, we’re undocking in twenty, you’d better get up.” Came the hazy voice of Lyll, who was shaking a face down Aryn.

“You what mate?” Aryn responded sleepily.

“Get up!” Lyll shouted, causing Aryn to jump up, hit his head on the above bunk, and fall out of bed.

Aryn climbed to his feet and unsteadily followed Lyll through the cramped bowels of the vessel, eventually reaching the ladder, and both climbed upwards. Marric, Rhys and Silent were sitting on benches along the cramped walls, Marric pulling his ballistic vest over his head.

“So, where are we right now?” Aryn asked, pulling his gear on, and loading his weapons.

“We’re docked with the UFC Pendrake, a transport ship owned by the LU. It’s a large cargo ship, which has been modified heavily, and is used to sneakily drop vast quantities of troops and gear into different territories around the world. It has a docking area for this submarine; the loading ramps can support the weight of over thirty tanks at once; can hold a large amount of vehicles and troops plus all their gear. They keep it stealthy and mostly untraceable by repainting it after each mission.” Marric explained. “It’s referred to by the forces as UFC Pendrake, but gets a new name and paperwork each time they paint it.”

“That’s… sneaky.” Aryn replied slowly.

“And as Lyll should have told you, we are twenty minutes out from the drop point. ‘Cades is up top enjoying the breeze. You guys can join him if you want, but Captain Barik says you’ll need to get back here five minutes before we need to depart.” Marric said, gesturing upwards


A few minutes of traversing empty corridors and climbing flights of stairs later, Aryn, Lyll and Rhys stepped out onto a small deck area, where Arcadio was leaning against the railings, gazing out at the island, which was silhouetted against a rising sun.

“What resistance are we expecting ‘Cades?” Lyll asked, the three of them joining Arcadio.

“I’m not sure,” he replied, not turning his head. “This ship is carrying enough tanks and artillery trucks to turn that island into an unrecognisable smouldering pile of rubble. I’ve overheard that the plan is to offload the tanks and artillery, destroy the bridge connecting the island to the mainland and then bombard the area. That makes our job a bit harder; we’ll be dodging shells raining on our head. And the best part is that the LUM don’t know we’re here.”

“Sounds like a right hell hole.” Aryn responded, staring at the quickly approaching island.

“You said it man.” Lyll remarked.

Rhys simply grunted an approval.

Hey we’re leaving in five, you guys had better get down here.” Marric called over comms.

“Come on,” Arcadio said, turning and striding towards the door. “We’re in for a ride.”


The wait in the sub was agonizing. There were many yells from outside the hull, engineers and crew passing by them in their cramped room, until the door was locked tightly, a whirring and multiple clanking sounds, followed by a slight dropping feeling.

The submarine dived down, splitting paths from the mothership and heading towards the island. After another few tense minutes, with many checks of weapons and deep breaths, there was a rising feeling, and the voice of Captain Barik materialized over a loud speaker.

We are in place Hellfire, deploy now.

They climbed upwards, opening the door at the top and filing out onto the hull. Aryn looked up, a large rock-face before them, waves breaking forcefully against the wall. It was a few seconds before he noticed the large sewage outflow pipe situated just above them, a murky water trickling over the edge.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Aryn groaned as the others jumped up, catching onto the ledge and pulling themselves up. Marric leant down and helped Aryn up before leading him into the system.

There was barely any light, the little there was filtering down through grates above, casting strange rays of light every hundred metres or so. The grey water around their feet made barely a whisper as they passed by, and the only sounds that could be heard were the adjustment of equipment and the steady, echoing drips of water throughout the labyrinth-like underbelly of the fortification. The lack of sound said to Aryn that the bombardment by LU forces hadn’t begun yet.

They traversed the sewer pipes slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible. More minutes of near-silence passed as the team followed Arcadio around the seemingly ginormous system. He led them around bends, through more tunnels than could be counted, and up steeply inclined pipes, checking the map he received from Captain Barik constantly. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, they rounded a final bend, and before them stood a metal ladder upwards.

“That’s the ticket.” Arcadio said, more to himself than anyone else.

As they began to climb, a massive shockwave nearly knocked Aryn off the ladder, and sending stone dust from the walls falling on top of them. They continued to climb until they reached the grate, which Arcadio removed, pulling himself and the others out.

[Edit: 17th April 2017]

Chapter 11 ( 5.5 )

They appeared beside the road at end of the bridge separating the upper and lower halves of the island. Below them was the town area, and as Aryn looked around he noticed the buildings behind them had some of the most unusual architecture he had ever seen, many areas were made of a tarnished bronze, with many seemingly unnecessary pipes all over the place.

He turned and looked downwards to see a huge plume of dust between the outer island wall and the mainland. Behind the now fading wall of pulverized rock he could just make out the tiny images of tanks and trucks positioned along the shore.

“And so, it begins.” Lyll said. They all nodded in agreement.

“Come on, target’s just through this door.” Arcadio said, voice lowering to just above a whisper.

They lined up along the wall while Marric placed some RHA charges onto the large wooden door. He moved back in line behind Arcadio.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Aryn asked, as Marric pulled out the detonator.

“Relax kid,” Lyll said from in front of Aryn. “This is standard for us.”

There was a pause as Arcadio raised his left hand, and counted down on his fingers.






He clenched his fist. Marric pulled the trigger. The door evaporated.
Splinters clattered on the floor as they slowly stepped over the threshold.

“Knock knock.” Arcadio announced. Marric rolled his eyes.

They stepped past the small cloud of dust and debris into a large hall, with a large metal table in the middle, covered in documents and maps. Along the walls were more hastily set-up tables, with radar equipment and weaponry placed on them.

There were multiple scrambling sounds as three guards suddenly stood up, aiming their weapons. Aryn, Marric and Silent all let off a hail of bullets and shot, downing the targets instantly.

“Ok then,” Arcadio said, the team having checked for other guards. “Time to wrap this up.” He walked over to behind the large table, and pulled up a short, middle-aged lupine dressed in a formal military uniform. His eyes alone showed absolute terror.

Arcadio pulled up a chair, and retrieved a pair of handcuffs from his belt. He forced the arms of the small lupine behind his back, and handcuffed one of his wrists through the opening in the back of the chair onto the metal support of the table. Finally, he pulled up another chair, facing the officer, and sat down.

After a long pause of Arcadio staring into his eyes in total silence, he spoke, pulling out an image of a document folder.

“Where are these files?”

There was total silence. Arcadio let out a low sigh.

“I won’t ask you again, so before this gets messy, where are these files?”

Still, the officer refused to speak, eyes darting to each team member, standing idly around the scene unfolding before them.

Arcadio let out another low sigh.

“Rhys, don’t try to kill him.”

He stood up, and gestured Rhys into the empty seat. Rhys sat down, leaning in close to the officer, who leaned back slowly. Rhys maintained eye contact with the officer as he reached into his webbing, and drew out his engraved lighter, which he clicked on, holding it just barely in front of the officer’s nose and moving it closer and closer.

There was silence. For a full thirty seconds there was no sound, not even a single breath from the team. Rhys maintained eye contact the entire time without a single blink.

Slowly, Rhys reached for his pistol, pulling it from its holder and let it rest in his left hand. Arcadio and Marric seemed slightly on edge.

Rhys’ hand whipped round and fired a shot. He didn’t blink. The rat fell from a pipe above and onto Lyll’s head. Rhys stood up.

“Got it.” He said calmly, pointing at an inconspicuous box under a table behind him. After a few second of rummaging and Lyll fuming, they found the document. The front cover was a standard classified document, with the words ‘Lupine Union – Project Excess’ written on the front. The box also contained blueprints, similar to those found in Dhaqraa.

“More EMP devices, weapon concepts, papers on research into energy weapons…” Marric said, flicking through the documents. “Why would the PF need these?”

“It doesn’t matter, bag ‘em and let’s bail before we become part of the masonry.” Lyll said from the door staring out towards the distant shore.

There was a sudden earth-shaking explosion, as the bombardment began.

Stuffing the files into Marric’s backpack, they ran out the building, the PF officer still tied to the table.

They dived behind a small wall as a shell flew over their heads, directly hitting the building they had just exited.

As the groups steadily rose up, picking small stones out of their hair, they viewed what remained of the building. Aryn and Lyll whistled in unison.

“I swear they keep making more and more powerful artillery shells.” Lyll commented, picking up a small stone and throwing against the only remaining wall, which promptly fell over onto the sewer entrance in perfect comedic fashion.

“Nice job you twit!” Marric said, slapping Lyll on the back of the head.

As Marric and Lyll continued to bicker, Arcadio pulled out the map again, and surveyed their options.

“There should be another exit on the lower level.” He announced, putting away the map and beckoning them to follow.

They ran across the bridge, shells raining down around them. They continued at a brake-neck pace downwards, passing a few bewildered and terrified guards as they narrowly avoided flying rocks and passing through large dust clouds.

They turned suddenly down a side street and into a small back-alley, where the sewer entrance was located. Silent moved forward, pulling the cover off and tossing it aside, where it embedded itself deeply into the wall.

As Lyll and Rhys began to climb down, there was a faint noise that carried to Aryn through the explosions of shells and demolition of buildings.

“That’s a civilian…” He muttered to himself, and without a second thought ran back down the alleyway in search of the sound.

“Aryn where are you going?!” Marric called after him, as the figure rounded the corner, and disappeared from sight.

“Let’s follow him, we can’t leave him behind.” Arcadio said, starting off after him.


“Aryn! What are you doing!?” Lyll yelled as he came into sight, running through the abandoned streets. He stopped at the top of the street and ran down a side passage, further away from their escape route.

“He’s going to get us all killed if this shelling doesn’t stop soon.” Marric yelled over an explosion just behind them as they pursued the runaway team member.

They finally caught up to him as he stood looking out over the destruction of the town. Homes flattened, indistinguishable from the other rubble strewn around. Many bodies lay half inside the rubble, limp and lifeless.

“Aryn we have to go.” Arcadio said as they gathered around.

As they stood a figure stood up about ten metres in front of them. They were dressed in a totally white hazmat suit, complete with gas mask. He looked up at the team and tilted his head very slightly at them before aiming his handgun at the civilian pleading at his feet and firing multiple rounds into his head. The lupine nodded to them and stared back down at the deceased body below him and dragged it away. As the team looked around more of these suited lupines could be seen doing similar.

In a flash Aryn drew his sidearm and pointed it at the lupine. Arcadio lunged forward and tried to wrestle the gun out of Aryn’s hand while Marric, Lyll and Rhys tried to hold Aryn back. The man turned around at the commotion and simply shook his head at Aryn before continuing to dig through the rubble for more survivors.

“Aryn, if you fire they will kill all of us without a second of hesitation.” Arcadio hissed into Aryn’s ear. “They are Howl Ops clean-up crews; highly skilled, emotionless and only follow orders. If you try to fight them they’d win in less time than you could fire the first shot. Do not test them, we have to go.”

With a surprising show of strength Aryn threw off the others and angrily marched back towards their exit route. The others stared at each other in bewilderment and could only follow.


Aryn brooded as they walked through the tunnels to the sub. ‘Why were those people sent to this island to kill civilians?’ The answer was easy. ‘To stop news spreading of an unwarranted attack on a civilian population.’ His thoughts were stopped when Arcadio held up his hand for them to halt, and gestured to the scanner, which showed seven red dots moving ahead. He poked his head around the corner and withdrew it quickly.

“Those are guards. No wonder we didn’t see many at their little outpost. The other problem is the sub is right where they are.” Arcadio whispered. “We’ll need to take them out to get to it.”

“Hey, why are we down here anyway?” A voice echoed from around the corner.

“The commander wanted us to check out an alarm which tripped.” Said a different voice.

“Firstly, why would he set an alarm here of all places, and secondly, who would be stupid enough to come in like this?” The first voice answered back.

Lyll inched his way around the corner, and aimed down the scope of his rifle. There was a deafening bang as he pulled the trigger, which left Aryn’s ears ringing.

“Two down.” Lyll muttered, re-chambered another round, and aimed again, as shouts came from around the bend. Arcadio rolled from their cover over to the other side of the pipe, and began to fire into the crowd. Finally, Silent walked forward, lugging his LMG into the centre of the tunnel, and held down on the trigger.

By the time the last body hit the floor the barrels of all three guns smoked and radiated enough heat to turn some of the water into a foul smelling stench. Aryn walked forward as the others remained slightly behind checking their guns, when he noticed a separate green dot on his radar, and looked up at the pipe exit where a single lone figure had appeared.

The figure began walking forward slowly, pulling a pistol out of their robe, which made a strange electrical noise as the slide was primed. Aryn froze as his gaze met the eyes of the mysterious person. The dot on the HUD flashed red for barely a second.

“Identify yourself!” Arcadio yelled from behind Aryn.

The figure did not respond, and continued walking at a leisurely pace towards them. Aryn saw a blur pass him and a rush of air as Silent passed him, running full pace at the person, who reached out an arm, grabbed Silent by the shoulder, spun around, and slammed Silent into the wall, where he dropped to the ground, motionless below a large dent in the concrete wall.

Aryn remained frozen as the figure approached, pulling down their hood, and stopped at two-arms-length. Aryn stared into the bright green eyes and metal mask.

The lupine pulled up their arm, aiming the handgun directly at Aryn. There was a finger twitch.

A flash of blue light, and the shouts of people filled his ears;

And everything went dark.

[Edit: 17th April 2017]


Dank Bruh.

Author Of The 'Hellfire' Series.
Self-Proclaimed Master Of Cynicism.
Lives In UK, Thinks It's Shite.
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5 years 8 months ago #76866 by Guakstick
Hello everyone! So, this is a follow-up post I've been meaning to make for Chapter 5, and will sort-of detail plans I have for this series. (Yes I said series)

1. That is not the end of the story, it shall return when I get round to it, for Chapter 6: The Overseer.

2. I am predicting that there will be 9 Chapters to this story (maybe 10 if it stretches) and an Epilogue. Then there will be a mini story, between 1 and 2 chapters in length to bridge the gap between Hellfire - Origins and Hellfire - Exile.

3. Alongside this, there will be a semi-weekly (To Be Decided) mini story running alongside the release of Hellfire - Exile, which takes place around Chapter 7 in Hellfire - Origins, and will continue throughout Hellfire - Exile, until a time I feel it is able to end. More details of this story will come at a later date (And should be a blast to read).

4. I'm just going to put it out there: All character backstories (in detail) will be released alongside the previously mentioned side-series. This includes: Why Rhys is a pyromaniac, Who Silent really is, How Gades got his robotic arm and Why Lyll talks too much. So stay tuned!

5. I haven't mentioned it before, but I must give the absolute biggest thank you to TheOrion for his continued support of the story, his amazing ideas and contributions. I can't thank you enough man. Anyone who would like to submit ideas do please send me them my way, I'm always looking for new stuff to try (i've used most of the up in Origins) and they may even appear in my work. ;)

6. As the story progresses I will occasionally make modifications to earlier Chapters, so if I do mention in a post that I have updated a Chapter, do please read through the updated content, as it may help to explain an upcoming Chapter or backstory, etc.

And finally...
7. I want to make a very small apology about Chapter 5. Mostly because of how poorly I view it was written, and that it may not have been the action-packed follow-up to Chapter 4 as I would have hoped it to turn out as. This was meant to be more of a story-based chapter, but even I feel it was somewhat of a let-down, creating then quickly ending story lines. However, on a positive note, I will be following up on most of those loose ends in the previously mentioned side-series.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this update, and please look forward to:

Chapter 6: The Overseer

Which reveals... the truth.


Dank Bruh.

Author Of The 'Hellfire' Series.
Self-Proclaimed Master Of Cynicism.
Lives In UK, Thinks It's Shite.
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99.9% better than fanfiction.

Tachanka didn't need a buff
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