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[Hellfire - Origins] ~Greylight Story Thread~

6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #69360 by Guakstick
Little Update:
I will, as promised, release the Chapter 1 of the story sometime this weekend, however, I can not guarantee another chapter next weekend.
I like to have my next chapter (the one after the 'to be released that weekend' one) ready when I post a chapter, and due to various set-backs (school work mostly) I have not got very far on with Chapter 3, which means I may have to delay the release of Chapter 2.
Just a small update, but I thought I should just notify all of you interested in this project.

Dank Bruh.

Author Of The 'Hellfire' Series.
Self-Proclaimed Master Of Cynicism.
Lives In UK, Thinks It's Shite.
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6 years 3 months ago - 5 years 4 weeks ago #69380 by Guakstick
Chapter 1

He opened his eyes. He immediately noticed he was lying on his back. It took him a few seconds to focus on the hollow metal rod poking against his nose. His eyes slowly moved up beyond the rod, viewing the rest of the gun directed at his face. Aryn slowly shifted his eyes upwards to see the face of a black lupine with a scar on his cheek smirking at him toothily. The white fangs gleamed in the light.

“Wakey wakey sleepy head,” His grin widened. “We need to introduce you to everyone, thought you’d never wake up.”

At this, the lupine pulled Aryn up into a sitting position, pushing him back into the sofa he resided on.

“I’ll go and tell the others you’re awake, they’ll be interested to see you.”

The lupine walked out of a door in the corner of the room to Aryn’s left. He remained sat there bewildered at the events, but instinct told him to take in his surroundings. The room was bright, with many lights on the ceiling complementing the light grey walls and a dark grey floor. It seemed to be some kind of half-armoury, half-living room. Placed before him was a medium sized television on a table about a metre and a half away, and to the left and right of the one he sat on were two smaller sofas, all three in a similar state of semi-disrepair.

Gazing around further, and swivelling in his seat, he noticed that along the wall behind him there were multiple gun racks containing a variety of weapons from rifles to carbines to submachine guns.

He also observed that besides the door his associate had left from, there was only one other door, placed along the wall opposite the other door. It was black in colour and stood out massively, which highlighted the small keypad beside it embedded into the wall. There appeared to be no handle or window, simply a black rectangle.

Considering what little he knew about this place it looked surprisingly tidy. He hadn’t expected it to look like this. All he’d ever heard about a ‘Blackveil’ was from his friends at college trying to scare him, and what they’d told him about it being used for torture, housing degenerates of society and containing some of the worst criminals the Lupine Union had was probably just made up.

Yet even so, he was there too, despite knowing he did nothing wrong.

Aryn heard footsteps approaching. He stood up and faced the door that the lupine had exited from. The black lupine strode in, facing away from him to talk to four others who followed behind him. He turned around and noticed Aryn standing.

“Here he is!” Exclaimed the black lupine, the smile returning to his face. “I told you he was the guy, you see!”

“Huh, he does look like the guy on the news…” Stated a dark grey lupine, an inquisitive look on his face. “Now that you say… I can see it more…”

“That has to be him.” Said a brown lupine. His bright blue eyes pierced Aryn, making him feel uncomfortable. “I know faces, and it’s almost certainly him.”

“Heeeyyy…” Said another, noticeable because of his golden-sandy colour. He walked up close to Aryn, grabbed him by the ears and started staring at him. “He looks like him… the facial markings are all the same as the pictures… same light grey colour… same measurements…” He backed away, and a kind of gawk fell onto all of their faces.

The last lupine was dressed in a full military suit. It covered him from head to toe, with no gaps between the neck and head, and looked as though a superhero comic had inspired it, with a dark grey and silver colour scheme along with a red visor, which Aryn couldn’t see past.

Aryn looked around at them. Judging from height, he guessed that he was shortest, next going upwards being the sandy lupine, the brown, the dark grey, the black and finally the armoured. He then realised he’d been staring, and they were still seemingly waiting for something, so decided to break the silence.

“Err…” Said Aryn, hesitantly. “Hi, I guess?”

“Wow,” Said the black lupine casually. “I would have expected him to have a deeper voice for such a cold hearted killer.”

“Who? How? Wha-“ Aryn was flabbergasted. He knew that people would know his name from him being wrongly accused, but he didn’t realise that even prisoners knew of him.

The armour-clad lupine nudged the black one, gesturing towards Aryn. The black lupine nodded back and clapped his hands together.

“Ok guys, time for us to introduce ourselves to our newbie.”

There was a sudden rush for seats on the sofa; the black lupine shoved the dark grey out of the way as they both dived for the same seat, elbowing him in the face in the process. Aryn had never seen something so silly being performed by grown lupines.

“Hey kid, take a seat.” Called the black one, gesturing to a seat that had just been placed down by the brown lupine.

Aryn slowly walked forward and sat down awkwardly.

“Ok, let’s start,” Said the black lupine calmly. “My first order of business is to welcome you to our humble abode, here at Blackveil Convict Military Operations. Secondly, you need to get to know us. And finally, we need to assign your codes to you. So, let’s get started! My real name is Arcadio Quil, my code is GC-54 and my call sign is ‘Watcher’. I’m leader of our merry band of misfits here. Pleased to meet you.” He held out his hand and Aryn shook it. With the reduced distance Aryn noticed he had strong dark red eyes and the gash on his cheek was deeper than he had initially thought. He looked the experienced leader part.

“Me next?” Said the dark grey. Aryn turned to see him lounging in one of the seats. “Ok then, I am Marric Esherlia. Higher ups call me AG-61 and I go by ‘Kraken’ on comms and in the field. I specialise in explosives and tactics.” Marric had soft hazelnut eyes and appeared to be only slightly younger than Arcadio. He gave a small wave to show he was finished.

“I’ll go next! Heya, I’m-“ Started the golden-sandy lupine, but Arcadio cut him off.

“This is Rhys Onyx. He’s our resident psycho. He’s PH-38, or ‘Feral’. Fitting, huh?”

“Why did you…?” Said Aryn, his voice trailing off.

“Oh, if we let him talk too much he goes off. Completely unhinged. He’s a bit hyper because of you waking up, new team member and all that. He’s usually far more reserved when talking.” Stated Marric simply.

“Oh, ok. What is his role?”

“Well… he’s a Pyro. Fire and stuff.” Arcadio mumbled quietly. “Don’t ask me why, that’s what HQ assigned him as…”

Rhys had a wild look about him; his hair was longer and messier than the other’s crew cut. His skin was the colour of wet sand, and he had extremely vivid orange eyes, ironically fitting his pyromaniac role. He appeared a bit older than Aryn, but his eyes held a certain presence of having seen some really messed up stuff.

“I’ll go next then.” Aryn turned his attention right to see the brown lupine perched on the arm of the sofa. He had dark brown skin, which highlighted a blue streak in his hair and matched his bright blue eyes. “I’m AU-14, aka Lyll Ivalio. I’m ‘Xenix’ on op. Lyll works most other times, and I’m the resident marksman. I’ll have your back whenever you need me, just give me a shout and I’ll be right there to help you ou-”

“And that leaves big guy,” Arcadio cut in sharply, staring at Lyll disapprovingly, causing him to shrink back in his seat. “This is CB-26, we just call him ‘Silent’. He’s our Heavy Support. None of us have heard a word out of him ever since he arrived here. He stole the prototype heavy armour straight from the private military testing grounds, and when he was finally caught they couldn’t get it off him. It’s locked to him, has to wear it around all the time, don’t you bud.”

Silent nodded. He turned to Aryn and gave a small and quick salute.

“And finally, introduce yourself to us.” Said Arcadio, gesturing to Aryn.

They all seemed to be holding their breath, as if they were on the edge of their seats, which unnerved Aryn.

“Well, err, hello everyone. I’m Aryn. Aryn Therius.”

“I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!” Shouted Lyll repeatedly, his voice reaching volumes enough to break glass. Marric leant over and punched him in the arm.

“So you are the guy who blew up that public transport terminal!” Cried Marric, excitedly, having leant back from the now arguing Lyll.

“I guess…” Said Aryn, unhappily. He was starting to realise that everyone thought he was this enemy of the Union who had killed all these people. He was nearby when it happened, but he hadn’t done anything. He had seen the explosion, rushed over and left once emergency services arrived, went home and was arrested from while leaving his University two days later.

He looked around, a glum and moody expression on his face. Marric and Arcadio were jabbering away like little kids about how amazing it was, Lyll was still silently swearing his head off and Rhys simply sat there with a large happy smile on his face.

He turned around and saw Silent giving him a strange look for a split-second, head titled at an angle, but Aryn couldn’t read the body language through the suit. Quickly Silent’s position changed and he was standing still and resolute, but Aryn disregarded this, thinking that it was just a lapse in concentration to stay upright; it must be quite a heavy suit after all.

Arcadio turned around and faced Aryn. “So here’s our man. We were hoping to get you. We need a guy with your talents. Can you lift heavy stuff?”

“Kinda. How heavy are we talking?”

“How does ‘Rocket launcher and all gear’ type of heavy sound?”

“Err… I’ll try. I’ll have to get used to it though.”

“That’s the spirit! Now all we need to do is assign you your comm tags. I got the file from the higher-ups, here it is.” He handed Aryn the file. “You are KM-05, your call sign is ‘Vertigo’. You’ll be fitting our Anti-Vehicle role.”

“So Aryn, have you ever held a gun before? Lyll asked, having sat up from his position on the sofa, still shooting dark looks at Marric, who snickered at him.

“No I don’t.” Aryn replied, deciding he should tell them then and there that that he really wasn’t supposed to have ended up here.

“I’m surprised, I thought someone in your field would use firearms.” Marric replied back, leaning around Lyll to view Aryn from his seated position on the rightmost sofa.

“Well, I wouldn’t really know how to hold one properly because I’m an explosives guy, remember.” Aryn stated. He had decided. He was going to play the game of what everyone expected of him and see what happened.

“Well then. We’ll just have to teach you.”

“So, now we’re all introduced,” Started Arcadio, dodging a flying helmet which Rhys and Marric were tossing between each other. “I guess it’s time to officially welcome you. This is our home base between missions. Feel free to look around while we’re in lockup. Just don’t go into anybody’s sleeper. Especially Silent’s room. He likes to stay alone. Guy before last found that out the hard way.”

“Yeah, never seen so much blood come out of one guy, even in the field.” Added Marric, sadly. “He was a nice guy. Shame he had to go that way.”

“So ya know, training begins in a few days, and if what you say is true you’ve got a lot to learn.” Lyll mentioned, dodging the helmet which hit the wall with a clang.

“You can take a look at all the stuff some other time,” Arcadio declared as he stood up. He slapped on Aryn on the shoulder forcefully, almost making his knees buckle. “Right now there is one thing left to say; welcome to Hellfire.”

[Edit: 17th April 2017]


Dank Bruh.

Author Of The 'Hellfire' Series.
Self-Proclaimed Master Of Cynicism.
Lives In UK, Thinks It's Shite.
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6 years 3 months ago #69385 by TheOrion
Oi, das nice.

MVP Ostwind
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6 years 3 months ago #69579 by Guakstick
Quick update: School work making time for ideas and writing scarce, barely started Chapter 3. I will put Chapter 2 up this weekend so there is something to show. If you guys have any ideas for what you might like to see in the story, please do recommend them on this thread. My idea bank is in a drought currently...

Dank Bruh.

Author Of The 'Hellfire' Series.
Self-Proclaimed Master Of Cynicism.
Lives In UK, Thinks It's Shite.
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6 years 3 months ago #69582 by Soldierofmc
Wow, nice storyline! Could you make a roleplay map with custom npcs maybe?
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6 years 3 months ago #69607 by Guakstick

Soldierofmc wrote: Wow, nice storyline! Could you make a roleplay map with custom npcs maybe?

I had an idea of doing that, but currently I'm very pressed for time most days, so even if I wanted to, I simply couldn't. Believe me, if I could, I would.

Dank Bruh.

Author Of The 'Hellfire' Series.
Self-Proclaimed Master Of Cynicism.
Lives In UK, Thinks It's Shite.
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