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[FVTM] Fex's Vehicle & Transportation Mod

3 years 4 weeks ago #80365 by FEX___96
Hope this the right subforum.

Thus I present you the FVTM Mod.
FVTM is a 1.12+ mod aiming to provide "highly" customisable Vehicles, Cargo and more.
One of the reasons of creating it was that in flansmod one does need to create dozens of additional config and texture files to have the same vehicle with colour variations. Or have dozens of Models, configs and textures for Vehicle variations.
In FVTM you cane make ONE vehicle and repaint it into any RGB colour (implying you setup it as such), freely exchange textures from between those in your config (can be multiple) or load them from URL (like player skins).
Additionally you can install a wast amount of "parts" into a vehicle or exchange parts (implying you created parts for the vehicle), parts do aswel have the ability to hold own textures, and can be compatible with more then one vehicle.

Other mentionable features:
- Part Attributes - parts can have attributes, like e.g. wheel, seat/s, inventory, engine
- part attributes can be custom programmed and shiped with your addon
- Vehicle Scripts - add functionality beyond the default! Currently a fine example is the "multidoor" script shipped with the default addon (allows any door, hood and trunk being opened separately
- vehicle scripts are also custom programmed and are shipped with the addon
- Containers! (See video.)
- JTMT - an alternative model format which you don't need to compile!
- supports toolbox models*
- other things I forgot...

Vehicle Types:
- Land Vehicles - OK
- Water Vehicles - OK
- Air Vehicles - pending
- Rail Vehicles - pending

Small Preview:

Container functions added last update: (fluid containers coming next update!)

Dozens of older videos:

Sadly there are none yet, I/we can explain anything if you would join our discord server,
people who would want to make tutorials or expand the wiki are welcome!

- MinecraftForge (obviously)
- FCL - Fexcraft Common Library
- GEP - the default Addon.

Current existing/known addons:
- GEP - General Essentials Pack
- FVP - Fexcraft Vehicle Pack
- ZMP - Zack's Model Projects
- HCP - Heavy Cargo Pack (soon)


I do not aim to harm Flansmod any way which this, my mod concentrates on the opposite of what Flansmod does, in fact, "Civil" Vehicles and Transportation.
Land/Water vehicle "physics"/entities ARE based on Flansmod (specifically 1.8 version), as permission by jamioflan was granted.
This mod will NOT include war/weapon related content, go get Flansmod for that!
I know 1.8+ is regarded as Heresy, no point yelling that at me :D


My Discord Server! discord.gg/AkMAzaA
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3 years 4 weeks ago #80366 by FEX___96
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My Discord Server! discord.gg/AkMAzaA
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3 years 3 weeks ago #80371 by FEX___96
the button to edit posts vanishes after clicking it....

My Discord Server! discord.gg/AkMAzaA
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