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Survival-Z Packs Reloaded Soon?

6 years 1 week ago #72821 by GabrielBRhu3
some weapons are using old models like the .500 magnum to solve I think it's so pick the model of pyton and expand some areas.another thing I wanted to say is that some weapons tilted the wrong way that he can not use the iron sight, and also increase the speed of bullets, 100m takes 1-2 seconds for the mob to die
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6 years 1 week ago - 6 years 1 week ago #72822 by Reaperb14
I really love your "survival-z pack" Vini since the first release ...
Actually I already tried your new pack and I love it as always...
Thank you for keep making stuff like this...
So ... I was hoping you could let me share a link of your survival-z page here in minecraft-smp on Facebook, so I can tell my friends How cool your "SVZ pack" is.
Here's my real name - Ludwig Barba
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6 years 1 week ago #72824 by 08yangk

NfsFan199 wrote: guys Can we let Vini have his thread back now? BTW Vini,when Survival-Z Packs Reloaded bata pack came out,can you post it to an more chinese-friendly links?

PM me and I will send you it, which part of China are you from,I use to live in Guangdong Dongguan
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6 years 1 week ago #72826 by 08yangk

Prototype wrote:

jpminecrafter wrote: Use a VPN, not our fault you reside in a communist country, where Dissidents turn to Chop Suey and Dim Sum.

You don't seem to know which creek you're in here. However, you've just made it very apparent to me that I was a fool for letting you stick around. You've made it very clear that you can have no place in this community.

If you want to make another alt go ahead, I will find it.

Sorry to do this here Vini, if you so wish I can clear this part of the thread.

Thats a very appropriate way to teach him a lesson no offense, not many people in this world understand what manners are and randomly insulting their own country as well. Nice job proto, you should be a school principle if you get the job
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6 years 1 week ago #72834 by vini_damiani
Gabriel, the .500 magnum has a different model, the plan was to use the 44 magnum and make it bigger but i decided to make a new model, i has a bigger barrel, bigger cilynder, 5 bullets (not 6 like the 44) and a different muzzle

I was going to finish it but you people voted to release the pack how it was so i did it, later i will make another test release
Thanks for the bullet speed comment, the speed, damage and attachment sistem will be changedas soon as the new models are finished, all guns will be balanced

Vill_Triman the AK 16x will be on a custom pack later with random things (my random models), The lee enfield has a wrong magazine size, i will remake the model (with the Kar98 too) and change it them

Reaperb14 You fell fine to share the pack and link anywhere you want but don't forget to give me and kevin the credits, and don't use any ad or money making website with our pack
The following user(s) said Thank You: GabrielBRhu3
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6 years 1 week ago #72845 by GabrielBRhu3
some guns are having trouble changing your paint, and some guns as m14 and famas need new models, winchester use .45 caliber rifle that I remember and .22 bullet is in disuse could also note some guns do not accept any ammo ,sorry for any inconvenience
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