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Upcoming "Underground Enclaves" Content pack

5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #74545 by MikeTheZappaCZ
RWEx-3 Topaz is outfitted with 2 "arms" that can be used to mount various weapons... Instead of mounting smgs, sniper rifles etc. in this content pack mechas will serve different purpose...

First what is mech and what is it doing here? There are three types of mechas...

First one is RWEx (Reinforced Walker Exo-suit) which increases wearers capability to do tough physical work like mining or carrying stuff... They are best for mining resources but are not very valuable in fights because they are not usually equiped with good armor and lack mobility and firepower...

Second is ACW (Adaptive Combat Walker) which was made for fighting with other enclaves... usually is heavily armored but lack ability to transport things because every piece of this machine is combat oriented... Main difference between those two is that its no longer a exo-suit because it boasts ability to mount more soldiers, who can operate various passenger guns...

Last group is HSM (Heavy Strider Mech) which is a tank mounted on 4 or more legs... It lacks arms, so you cant customize strider as much as walkers, but their firepower and armor is surpased at the cost of mobility and price...

So every walker can be outfitted with various weapons, but not weapons that are normally handheld... I am going to make a lot of Mecha weapons (even things like sneaky-beaky silenced weapons) that cant be manheld but will be more powerfull then handheld versions of theese weapons...

First I want to post two generic walker weapons... I was thinking a lot and I thing it will be good to add some stuff that is old and obsolete for every faction as some kind of emergency... This stuff will be cheap and easily acquirable but will not be as good as "modern" weapons and will be generic (that means every enclave can use them)...

This is an old Water Cooled MG-11 which has been customized to fit on Walker arm.. Beacuse it is generic, it wont have a callsign...

This one is a 25mm Autocannon BC-28 that can be mounted on Walker arm.

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5 years 5 months ago #74549 by MiIl2

MikeTheZappaCZ wrote: Freedom update:

Standart issued pistol M-62 Patriot

Bolt-action rifle M-57 Sentinel

Submachinegun M-59 Liberator

Nice models!The texture has exceptional quality and the models are comfortable and smooth!
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5 years 5 months ago #74555 by MikeTheZappaCZ
Thanks :3... I was aiming to make this content pack as much minecraft-like as possible but still using good looking and somewhat detailed models... About texture I use same pattern of colors for every enclave and then "dirty" them in paint.net with clouds option... Thanks to that they look more lively and more like minecraft blocks...
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5 years 5 months ago #74556 by TheOrion
Your weathering looks out of place and non-situational, i'd advise you to learn how to use shading and details-to-texture techics.

MVP Ostwind
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5 years 5 months ago #74676 by MikeTheZappaCZ
Another little update... This is AV-67 "Sokol"... Standart assault rifle for Vostok Enclave.

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