× Package only with new Guns including new Models for the Guns but no Planes or Vehicles

Tyrants & Plebeians Gun Pack

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minecraftha2 wrote: This is a part of tyrants & plebeians mod pack
This is not a pack it is a real mod pack
Here is the link
(evil unauthorized link)
Some new stuff added in this.
Labjac Don't Have it yet.

New Guns:
M16A1 (actually by cloneguy)
M16A2(remake) (actually by cloneguy)
XM-177 (actually by cloneguy)
Browning .50 Cal (actually by cloneguy)

New Vehicles
Flak88 (actually by warmonger)
M45. 50Cal Quad Mount (actually by warmonger)
Humvee (actually by taskforce)
A10 (actually by taskforce)
UH-60 Black Hawk (actually by taskforce)
MH-6 LittleBird (actually by taskforce)

I retexture this armor
US 1980's (actually by cloneguy)

Tank have new armour system (actually by me)
Assault Rifle Can't Have Chance

AT Gun now more damage (actually by me)

Any prolems report to me
I hope everyone like


Go to my website now! monorisu.enjin.com/home
It's a beautifully disgusting cesspool of free speech and tyranny.
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In future, ask the authors permission before you redistribute their stuff. If you don't you're kind of a scumbag.

Thread locked. I shall remove all download links and leave this up as a warning.
The topic has been locked.
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