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Looking to get back into this sort of thing, but..

5 years 2 weeks ago #76602 by DerpiWolf

Ak_Jumper_942 wrote: What is the most common version of Minecraft used for flans mod/in general today? I'm guessing its probably not 1.7.10 anymore...

1.7.10 is still around, as it's the most stable version. Flan has a full time job now, so the mod hasn't seen an update since last year.
That said, Proto, a couple others and myself are looking to make it great again. Not sure when that release will drop, but it'll come soon.

Ak_Jumper_942 wrote: What's changed here? I see a lot of stuff about blogs, do people normally just blog post their packs instead of making a topic now?
Is there any up-to-date tutorials on coding a pack and such around?

Eh, about more or less the same I guess. Some prefer devblogging, others just dump work and disappear without comment ^^
Tutorials are scattered, people still working on the ones Manus provided years back.

Ak_Jumper_942 wrote: I saw a recent forum post that seemed to show my dropbox links were causing copyright-related problems for another user, even though I never copyrighted anything; is this a common issue? is there a well-known workaround to fix this?

Yeah, although this is a first of a case I've heard.
Not really sure how this can be solved, other than to discuss with whoever has the copyright conflict, and discuss to Dropbox Support about it.
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