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Turret help (Part Deux)

4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #78456 by Tonas1997
So I think I figured out how to work with this "turret" thing:

As indicated above, I have a central turret composed by the parts mentioned in the picture and the central "barrel" (which serves as the missile rail). Said turret is centered on the (0,y,0) point, and every part of the model is place on the right group... I think.

And, as you might have guessed, I have a couple questions:

1- Am I missing something? I saw Manu's tutorial covering seats and passenger guns, and have no clue whether or not the missile launcher counts as "passager gun" or "turret".

2- How do I make the seat spin around the base alongside the turret? I placed the seat parts on the "Turret" group, but my spider senses tell me there's more to it...

3- How tf do I add the barrel offset (as mentioned here ?)

4- Finally (yay!), how can I place the physical missile model on the rack - emulating what happens with the MIM23 SAM vehicle on the MW pack?

Once again, I'm truly sorry for spamming the forum with my noobly questions, but I can't find any comprehensive tutorial which can answer my questions. I tried reverse-engineering the .java models on the Flan's Mod source, spent hours analysing and scrutinizing the forums... to no avail.

-From a desperate modeler
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4 years 11 months ago #78470 by Manus
Replied by Manus on topic Turret help (Part Deux)
1. the turret is operated by the driver, a passenger gun by a passenger (like the name says). So in your case you have to use turret/barrel

2. in your config for the vehicle you have to add/edit this 2 lines
Driver 0 38 0 -360 360 -10 20 <- Position of the driver, to read as posx/posy/posz/turret limit left/ turret limit right/turret limit down/turret limit up
RotatedDriverOffset -5 0 -6 <- offset of the driver from the pos in the line above in px

3. All parts of barrels and turrets have the same position. The position of the turret is normally 0/turret y position/0, the barrels position is the normally the potion where the barrel is rotation around.
All parts are moved the with the offsets to their position (offsets can be set left under parts position and size)

4.you have to build the missile as part of the model. it will be displayed always as part of the barrel in your case.

check the attachment i put to this post. its y tank but you can see turret and barrel
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4 years 11 months ago #78475 by Tonas1997
Replied by Tonas1997 on topic Turret help (Part Deux)
Thanks in advance for the reply, I'll try that and report later :D

So I assume there isn't a way to make the model "disappear" from the launcher as soon as the missile is launched, right?
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