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Flans Mod not recognizing my sound files.

4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #79564 by Yunuscracke
When I put a sound file into the assets/sound folder of my pack and put the exact file name in the weapon config (In my case it is "ml_teargaslaunch"), it does not load in-game. I also made sure that all my sound files are in the .ogg format. After doing some investigation I found out that the problem lies within the NAME of the sound file, to test this theory out, I took the "FlareGunShoot" sound from Flans Zombie Pack and renamed the Shooting Sound in my config as "FlareGunShoot", and it worked in-game, however, after I renamed the Sound File, and the Sound File Name in the config to "FleraGunShoot" (typo intended), surprisingly, the sound file did not load in-game, even though the sound file name given in the config file matches with the actual name of the sound file. So what is going on here? I need clarification and maybe even a solution

EDIT: I use ForgeGradle for 1.7.10
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4 years 5 months ago #79565 by FacelessDrops
There is a file called "sounds.json" in "<content pack root>/assets/flansmod/". In that file there exist entries that specify each existing sound file, those entries have to be created manually (with gedit/notepad++/vim/etc). Only the sound files specified in there will work.

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4 years 5 months ago #79566 by Yunuscracke
Thank you for the answer, that fixed the problem. One more issue though, all sounds work fine, except for the bounce of the grenade,
for its sound, I put "ml_grenadebounce": {
"category" : "player",
"sounds" : [ "flansmod:ml_grenadebounce" ]

In the sounds.json, but the developer console says "Unable to play unknown soundEvent: minecraft:ml_grenadebounce", does it have something to do with being in the category "player"?
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