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Where is the "minecraft-smp" pack (Flans Mod dependency) for Flans 5.5.2?

3 years 9 months ago #80567 by tomahawk42
I feel like I'm losing my mind! I thought Flans and its vehicle packs were popular enough to dictate more documentation / help online.
This has to be a case of me just being confused. Here are some strong points to illustrate the problem.

  • I'm updating my old 1.7.10 world to 1.12.2 because most of the mods have been updated
  • One of my favorite mods, Flans Mod, has also been updated
  • Flans mod has a content pack called "Spinos Vehicles" which lists itself on various mod sharing sites as needing "minecraft-smp" pack as a requirement
  • Without this pack, all the textures from Spinos are missing, pink / black
  • There is a link on Flans website, as well as some links on other websites, which point to a non-working page here on MinecraftSMP (I believe it's minecraft-smp.de/request.php?133 or some number argument)
  • Again, this link doesn't work, and I can't find for the life of me the file he is talking about
  • Surely if he has updated his content pack to work with the new Flans, and 1.12.2, then this dependency file is out there somewhere?
  • Links below to illustrate the problem further

here, the commenters discuss the issue

here, is the content pack on Flans site:
"To get this pack to work, you should have installed the Simple Parts Pack as well as MC-SMP parts pack"


A little clicking through the content packs on Flans site brings you here:

WHICH SEEMS TO BE WHAT I NEED! But the DOWNLOAD LINK which points HERE: www.minecraft-smp.de/request.php?124

is a BROKEN link.

So please! I have to be confused about what I actually need! Someone help!
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3 years 9 months ago #80574 by FEX___96
As far I am aware, the SMP Parts pack wasn't updated yet to 1.12.2 (at least I do not remember any announcement).

Textures being black/pink shouldn't happen because of missing dependencies, but rather errors in the pack itself?

My Discord Server! discord.gg/AkMAzaA
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3 years 9 months ago #80575 by tomahawk42
Hmmm. It makes sense.
I couldn't imagine why something that apparently provides arbitrary parts would affect the textures on the cars in a separate pack.

It just seemed to me that, since he is saying there are 2 packs needed to use his - and he has updated his pack to work with the newest Flans and 1.12.2 - that some combination of those packs or files would make it work.

Why would he update it, see that the textures were broken, and then upload it? He wouldn't.....right?

Are you Fex the creator of FVATM?
Surely you would be able to find an answer if you tried this Spinos pack for me to see if it's just me doing something wrong :<
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3 years 9 months ago #80576 by FEX___96
Do not know how he updated it, but I know for sure that I did only set assets to lowercase to update my pack and it was ready for 1.12.2 :shrug:

And ye, I made FVTM, and several other mods that have a 4 letter name.
I do not use Flansmod these days and not really in the means to install it to check a content pack...

Most people are sitting on discord these days though.
discord.gg/FYYyysq <- invite link.

My Discord Server! discord.gg/AkMAzaA
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