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improved shapeboxes

3 years 4 weeks ago #80625 by FabulousMisLuna
the idea is an option for shapebox's vertices that makes them magnetic(while using edit corners mode)
it's just what the name implies, dragging one near of another one will move it right along side of it's position.

it can be really useful while working on big models that has high amount of shapeboxes, ton of time can be saved.

the second one is a variant of shapeboxes that don't deform textures, in a similar fashon of those shapes.
With those shapeboxes you can pull full shaded models like this one:

this is the problem by the way:

Left shape, right a shapebox.
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3 years 4 weeks ago #80626 by FEX___96
Replied by FEX___96 on topic improved shapeboxes
The 2nd seems like an old known issue with shapeboxes.
I wanted to try to patch that one (at least in the ingame render) but never get the means/time to do it. :thinking:

My Discord Server! discord.gg/AkMAzaA
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3 years 3 weeks ago #80630 by FabulousMisLuna
Replied by FabulousMisLuna on topic improved shapeboxes
i see the old man still has troubles with those bots
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3 years 2 weeks ago #80639 by funnyjokes2018
Replied by funnyjokes2018 on topic improved shapeboxes
I vote on the question or comment. I will also make comment if I feel my words contribute to the discussion and has not be completely duplicated by someone else's words. I am interested in all of the discussions, although I may not be able to post my opinions because my workplace and I have to wait until the end of the day to make my comment or provide an answer.
driving directions
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