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Waywardcraft Era I Pack - Help Needed!

5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #76014 by Mattrock607
Hey gang! It's been a while, but for the past few months I've been trying to get better at modeling (with mixed results). I'm pleased to say that I'm now almost done with my model pack, which I've decided to rename "Waywardcraft Era I" (it used to be "Waywardpunk," but I've since scrapped the steampunk/ dieselpunk aspect).

The idea is to create a content pack consisting of planes, helicopters, vehicles, items/ tools, and clothing/ armor from 1900 - 1949. The items are NOT named after or strictly based on their real-life counterparts. This pack is lore-friendly, meaning there are no real-life names, flags, logos, or references to the real-world at all. Anyone who wants to chip in with this project needs to appreciate that small caveat ;)

So here's where I'm at: All of my civilian planes are done. Some of the civilian vehicles are done, too. But I'm hoping to find some people to help me get this pack across the finish line. It's about 70% finished, but I still need to do more civilian vehicles (I suuuuck at cars/ trucks/ etc.), and I want to also add parachutes, medical and repair tools, and some outfits.

It's getting there, but I really could use some help, if anyone is interested in pitching in! Here's what I need:

* Military planes and vehicles, including planes, bombers, trucks, tanks, etc. Manus said I could retexture and rename stuff from his WWII pack, so we could use that. I can't wrap my head around getting guns to work in planes and gave up to focus on civilian stuff.

* Civilian vehicles from 1900-1949. You can create your own make/ model names (or I can do that if you don't want to)

* Guns, including both "civilian" weapons (pistols, hunting rifles) and military weapons from WWI and WWII

* Textures that are lore-friendly. No real-world flags, logos, etc. My textures are basically just flood fills of plane/ vehicle parts. It's good enough for me but most people will want something more snazzy :P

* Technical help! I'm having trouble finding guides/ tutorials that explain collision boxes, hitboxes, wheel markers, recipes for the configs, etc. If someone could help me finish up these technical aspects and then help me package it all together, I would be eternally grateful.

* Better sounds! I want to include some sounds for this stuff, but I need help tracking them down.

The Planes

All planes are listed in order of their lore creation; older planes come first. Note that I intentionally tried to make earlier planes look basic and boxy; they get better as time advances and technology improves.

Rockland MR-0 Sensational Flying Contraption
Inspired by Wright Bros. Flying Machine
Seats 1, 0 cargo

Henderly Number 1 Flyer
Inspired by Curtiss Flyer No. 1
Seats 1, 0 cargo

Henderly Number 2 Flyer
Designed from scratch
Seats 2, 0 cargo

Rockland MR-1 Llama
Designed from scratch
Seats 1, 1 cargo

Henderly P1 Acrobat
Designed from scratch
Seats 4 (sort of), 0 cargo

Rockland MR-2 Llama Express
Designed from scratch
Seats 2, 2 cargo

Rockland MR-3 Cardinal (C/P)
Inspired by Handley Page HP.42 Heracles, Farman 2200, Curtiss Model 18, DeHavilland DH 84 Dragon, Short L.1 Scylla
Seats 2 (cargo version) or 21 (passenger version), 12 cargo (passenger) or 40 cargo (cargo)

Henderly P2 Skipjack
Designed from scratch
Seats 5, 8 cargo

MR-4 Super Llama
Inspired by Lockheed Vega
Seats 7, 12 cargo

MR-5 Trimotor
Inspired by Ford Trimotor
Seats 10, 30 cargo

Henderly P3 Adventurer
Inspired by Lockheed Model 10 Electra
Seats 12, 8 cargo

Coleman Yellowknife
Inspired by Piper Cub J-3
Seats 4, 6 cargo

Henderly P4 Poseidon
Inspired by Martin M-130, Hughes H-4, Latecoere 521
Seats 52, 30 cargo

Henderly P5 Emperor (base, Ca, and Tr models; base model and Tr model shown below)
Inspired by Douglas DC-3 (Tr version colors based on Douglas C-47 Skytrain)
Seats 28 base/ 2 Ca/ 16 Tr, 24/ 100/ 50 cargo

Rockland MR-6 Cygnus
Designed from scratch
Seats 24, 12 cargo

Henderly H1 Hummingbird
Inspired by Sikorsky H-4
Seats 2, 2 cargo

The Vehicles (that I've finished, anyway)

NOTE: These vehicles are rubbish. I realize this. If someone wants to take these ideas and make better stuff for this pack, I'm all for it. Until then, I'll keep trying my best, which frankly isn't very good, lol.

Burton 33 Metrotour

Burton 99 Hauler (yes, the trailer is a trailer in model parts, so it should rotate I think/ hope)

Cochran Townmaster

FMC Dixon

Dojin-Munchen 'Lil Derpy

Decimotor Vanquisher

Terzi Veloce Mk. I (Racer)

Dojin-Munchen Jitterbug (Racer)

FMC Sprinter (Racer)

Decimotor Conquest (Racer)

Cochran Jackrabbit (Racer)


Here's a link containing all of the files as they stand now, for anyone who wants to help out. These are only the models and their basic textures, plus the .txt files that contain both information about the models and a list of what's done/ what I'm planning to make soon.


I'm really hoping someone will help me with this, but I'm cool with people using my models for anything. Throw me some credit and maybe a link to waywardcraft.net if you feel like it. But again, I'm really hoping someone will help me finish my pack before they start using this stuff for other packs lol
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5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #76016 by CODBO2
A beta release please and nice models
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5 years 5 months ago #76017 by Mattrock607
Glad you like it! I'm working on that currently, trying to get the planes to work. I'm doing something very, very wrong because I keep crashing my game world, but I should have it figured out soonish. Once I do I'll put out an early alpha release ;)
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5 years 5 months ago #76018 by CODBO2
like tomorrow or day after tomorrow
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5 years 5 months ago #76019 by Prototype

CODBO2 wrote: like tomorrow or day after tomorrow

1. These take time. Have some bloody patience.

2. I suggest you start doing something other than nag people to release, I am struggling to justify keeping you around.
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5 years 5 months ago #76020 by Mattrock607
I'm not sure. For now I'm testing with just one plane (the Trimotor), but I'm pretty sure I'm doing the collision, hitboxes, wheel markers, and recipes incorrectly, which is why it's crashing (probably). Hopefully someone can help me out with this and help me get it working. I'm going to package up all of the Toolbox files and textures, plus the manifest notepad file with all of the info for the planes, and stick it in the OP.
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