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Mpack: (New Nambu M60/FNC)

4 years 2 weeks ago #79768 by tdboytd
Replied by tdboytd on topic Mpack: (New Nambu M60/FNC)
First off, I'd like to apologize for the delay of the update and my absence in general. I hadn't anticipated to be gone for so long; however, I feeling really burned out of modeling and put it to the side. But, before I get into this, let me clearly state that The Machetemen Arms Pack has not been disconnected or finished in anyway. In this case, I take responsibility for the misconception, as I was not vocal enough about what was going on with the update. But, for future reference, if something like this were to happen again, it won't likely be me ending the pack, but rather just me taking a break from it. As far as an announcement as big as the pack ending goes, I wouldn't just leave without announcing it, especially with an unfinished update waiting to be released. With that being said, I am going to dedicate the rest of the post to information about the Brazilian Update and where I am hoping to get Mpack by the end of the year.

Alright, starting off with the Brazilian Update...
A large part of the reason I have delayed this update is as we got closer to finishing it I realized that the update was pretty boring. And I don't mean that there wasn't a lot of cool new guns and attachments and features like that, but rather there was too much of that and not enough actual new gameplay mechanics and customization. This really frustrated me, and at the time I didn't have a solution to the problem. So, I just put it to the side and forgot about it for a while.

Recently I have thought of ways to make the update more impactful and unique. A large part of the problem was that I was in the mindset that just adding a new country qualified as a big enough change to be the main focus of an update. In my opinion this was the main shortcoming of the Japanese Update and once I realized that I didn't want to do it again. So, if you're asking what this means, here's the answer: From now on almost every single update will include at least one new country being added; however, this won't be the main highlight of the update.

Okay, so how does this affect the Brazilian Update?
In short, this means that the update will come out later than planned (which you already know), but the update will include much richer content. At this point, I want to keep most of the changes a secret, but I will say that I will be doing a soundscape redo and fixing damage done to vehicles (from Global Firestorm). This is all I really have to say about it for now, but you can probably expect this to come out September or October, depending on how efficient I am.

Now on to the more vague stuff further into the future.
To be honest, I haven't thought too far ahead into the future, as I have trouble sticking to my own plans (a large part of modeling for me is the mood I am in). However, I can pretty confidently say that after the Brazilian Update there is going to be another update of similar structure released in Feburary on the three year anniversary of the pack. I am probably going to add Poland, or South Korea, or Canada in this one, but I might add them all or some combination of them. Regardless, the main focus of this update will be cleaning Mpack up and polishing it. By this time I want to have consistent sounds and sound alignment completed and a consistent detail scale for all the models. Once this is done, it sets the ground work for the .45 Update, which I am hoping to be the summer update of 2018. Also, for those of you who were asking, I will be throwing in some WWI and WWII guns in with these updates. However, I have decided to hold off on a full-blown update for them until about this time in 2018. Other than that, there's not really much else planned. Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who has continued to support this project through thick and thin and the rest of the Machetemen Team-you guys are great.


Terrible at releasing complete things on time.
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4 years 2 weeks ago #79771 by TheM16a1Fan807
Then does that mean you have have time to make the m16a1 and kill the spirit at once :)
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4 years 2 weeks ago #79772 by Bomb787
Replied by Bomb787 on topic Mpack: (New Nambu M60/FNC)
M16A1 isn't the only gun he has planned ffs
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4 years 2 weeks ago #79773 by TankHunterCobra
Good to hear from you again, I've been through the same stuff, been through a modelling dry spell. Since I've kinda ran out of interesting stuff and have completely remade everything that needs remade so far.
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4 years 22 hours ago #79811 by tdboytd
Replied by tdboytd on topic Mpack: (New Nambu M60/FNC)
The Chiappa Triple Threat:
Parts: 357

The KS-23:
Parts: 298

Parts: 755

Kriss Vector K10:
Parts: 819

The planned release date for the Brazilian Update is October 6th. I have a couple more guns to do and then I also have to finish up the soundscape redo. And before it gets asked, the M16A1 and a Vampyro's M16 remodel will both be in this update. And as I side-note the rpg-7, m79, and m203 on Vampyro's m16 are all getting fixed in this next update. As of right now, the ammo is set to as bullets instead of grenades/rockets which has created issues concerning explosive damage and potential.

Terrible at releasing complete things on time.
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4 years 12 hours ago #79812 by DMP_050603
yes thanks and nice models
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